42+ Beautiful Open Concept Dining Room Ideas

42+ Beautiful Open Concept Dining Room Ideas – If we ask you to choose the one between the open kitchen or the close one, which one do you choose? For those who choose the open kitchen, what are your reasons? It is lucky you who choose the open kitchen, we have several reasons why the open concept is good. The first is, it is a nice idea for the more informal and friendly vibe.
Just like the cubicle or co-working space, the open concept kitchen also accentuates the sociability. The second reason, the open concept is a perfect solution for the city home. Like we all know that the homes in the city or downtown are mostly provided in limited space. It makes the owner have to smartly arrange the rooms.
The open kitchen, or usually seen as the open floor kitchen and living room, is the choice of people these days. The open kitchen moreover, is a solution for those who have a limited budget in home decoration. The decoration is generally not specifically the kitchen is side by side with the living room. Yet, between them, there is a dining room or dining table. Although in some cases the arrangement is different, the composition is just the same. The kitchen, dining room, and the living room are in the same area.
The positive about making such a design is, you will realize at the end that your home is cleaner. People might not aware that the extra partition makes the home has more clutter. Yes, the home partition rises people’s intention of cluttering. Meanwhile, the less partition automatically makes you far from cluttering in the possible spots.
Actually, the open concept design is not absolutely the same in every house. Some houses don’t eliminate the partition totally. So, there is an alternative if you feel like still needing a bit of partition. This solution can be called as the half wall or kitchen pass through. Both of them are the same. The character is signed by the shape in the wall like a frame.

So, the area between the dining room and the kitchen or living room and the kitchen is parted with this wall. What makes this design attractive is its decoration itself. Sometimes, it is joined with the kitchen island at the back. Or its countertop is used as the kitchen island. So, there are multi advantages to this partition.
It can be used not only as the kitchen partition but also for the kitchen island also. If you want to make something different from this, you can create something like a mini bar. The half wall usually is located on one side of the kitchen or in the middle. It is good news that if you want to remodel your kitchen, you can dismantle the current wall without breaking the whole building. Besides several advantages we mentioned in previous paragraphs, the half wall makes the home, especially in the kitchen looks wider. So, do you consider to have one?

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