42+ Awesome Modern Exterior Inspirations for Dream House

42+ Awesome Modern Exterior Inspirations for Dream House – Everyone has their own imagination of dream house. Their dream house is the representation of their character also. Some people have the dream house only to fulfill their imagination, some truly make it realized. For today, we will take up the single story modern house exterior in specifics. Roughly guessing, the one who wants the modern house is simple and up to date. So, how the modern home exterior will be?

The modern house exterior has the common in terms of the wall shapes. The square shape dominates the wall shapes or building lining of a modern home. The modern house usually doesn’t own the diagonal or conventional roof style. But, the modern house tends to have the concrete roof horizontally. Some of the modern house exteriors are not polished with the wall paint color. However, they are left undone and looks natural.

The exterior of a modern house has the color domination as the inner one. The exterior is also common with the white, grey, or wood color. Although the modern house exterior is simple, yet it doesn’t mean that there is no ornament for the outer home. There will still the front yard full of greeneries that decorate the front house.

Today, the farmhouse presents not only in its traditional form. The newer style is called modern farmhouse. There is a slight difference between the modern farmhouse and traditional farmhouse design. The modern one has a higher wall in general. And if we compare them, the window design of modern farmhouse follows the modern house. The window has a simpler frame and the color is also commonly black.

If you see the traditional farmhouse like in the movie, they have a distinctive character which is the pillar in the terrace. The modern farmhouse removes this kind of feature, so instead of keeping the terrace, after the front yard, people will be lead directly inside the home. When you see a modern farmhouse, the noticeable feature that very obvious is the wall texture. The modern farmhouse is not only designed with the wooden material, but concrete or stucco are also common. In terms of color, both traditional and modern have no difference at all.

The modern country house exterior is a bit different from the modern farmhouse. The modern country house is more common with the natural element for the home exterior. So, it is easy to find the modern country home with the obvious stones, bricks, or wood. Meanwhile, the modern farmhouse common exterior feature is only the wooden element.

If you compare both the modern farmhouse with the modern country, the second one has a simpler exterior design. Yet, if we look for the similarities, both of them also have the dense feature of glass instead of concrete or wood as the building character. Through this post, we know that old building design today can be represented more modern. So, if you are a fan of the old design but still wanting it outs modern, you can adapt these designs.

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