42+ Authentic Home Exterior Styles

42+ Authentic Home Exterior Styles – Every house has its own authenticity even from the front appearance. If you want to make your house has a very distinctive style, you need to make it owns the regional authenticities. Thus, the design that represents certain regions or countries will make a wow difference. Below, we will provide several authentic designs from the Japanese until Spanish house style. Even you can enjoy the ranch house style here.
Okay first, let’s start with Japanese style house. In terms of exterior, there are several unique aspects that differ this style from the others. They are the up ground floor and the roof shape. The Japanese house has the roof shaped like the pagoda’s roof. The Japanese house is also made mainly from the woods. There is also the signature style of a Japanese house. That is the Japanese garden or Japanese yard.
The next is the farmhouse style house. The farmhouse style has the signature features in terms of the windows or doors shape. The farmhouse also reminds us of the old European village house which is full of natural nuance from the front. The farmhouse style commonly is also completed with ceiling window and chimney.
Almost the same, the ranch-style house has a similar look like the farmhouse style house. Meanwhile, you will find that the ranch-style house accentuates on the horizontal aspect. So, when you look from the front, this kind of house appears like very long.
The next is the barn style house. Like the farmhouse and the ranch-style house, this is also the member of rustic type house. The ranch-style house, however, has the most unique shape among all of them. It is a bit confusing to differentiate whether it is s barn or a barn house. The authenticity comes out from the design of the roof. There are much interesting designs of barn house roof according to the regions.
From those three, the farmhouse style, ranch style, and barn style house, all typically have the wooden architecture. Besides the wooden architecture, they share similar features in terms of the ceiling windows and ceiling. Yet, you can see a big difference in the barn style house. This one has a shabbier appearance from the two.
Then, we talk about Spanish style houses. So much far from the farmhouse, ranch house, or barn house, the Spanish style house has a flatter roof. The big difference is also seen from the shape of the door. The ceiling or upper part of the Spanish style house is crooked. While the window is more square, unlike the door. The design of the Spanish style is rather similar to the Mexican style. It is addressed for the warmer region. So, the nuance of tropical atmosphere is quite strong.

In terms of the house style interior, of course, it follows how the exterior is. It also depends on each region because every region have their own needs according to the environmental condition.

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