42+ 2019 Wall Paint Color Ideas for Your Bedroom

42+ 2019 Wall Paint Color Ideas for Your Bedroom – It’s impossible for every one of us not to be bored with the same situation every day. That’s why there is remodeling in this world. One of the most often remodel is for the home. There are many significant advantages to doing remodel for your home. In the process of doing the remodel, you will more understand what your home needs.

One of the easiest and most often remodel is to re-paint the wall. In this post, we will specify the discussion for the bedroom re-painting? Why should be a bedroom? For almost all of us, the bedroom is the second place we most visit after workroom. It is important to create a beautiful and cozy bedroom that can represent our character.

There are several trends of wall paint colors for a bedroom this year. Let’s start with the dark blue bedroom paint color. The dark blue or often known as the navy is a popular alternative of black. The dark blue can reflect the cool side, mature, and masculine. Although this description sounds so boyish, however this color suits for the boys or girls.

The next, in this year, the bold paint color will gain popularity. So, you might be interested to use the violet shades that often appear in the Moroccan decor. The purple paint color for bedroom might make you are attracted because it looks bright and romantic. This color suits for creating a bohemian or Moroccan style. Not only that, since the curved lining will make a hit in this year, its combination might create a great pop artistic bedroom. Moreover, this color suits for the girls’ bedroom paint color.

In this year, it is told the color forecast for Sherwin Williams paint colors is cavern clay. From this name you might slightly guess what kind of colors they are. This color is so earthy and looks warm. The color itself seems like the mixing of brown and orange. Besides of the cavern clay, there are several names for the 2019’s trends.

They are SW safari, SW chopsticks, SW antique white, SW white flour, and SW toasted pine nut. Just like the SW cavern clay, all of these are also earthy colors. These fit as paint colors for the small bedroom. Indeed, for this 2019, the earthy color and theme will make history again. However, besides the colors we mentioned, there are more others that suit for the small bedroom.

They are warm and cool grey tones. So many grey shades that Sherwin Williams presents for us. There are SW agreeable grey, SW amazing grey, SW colonnade grey, SW modern grey, and many more. These colors might make popularity again with wooden furniture. It is because the wooden furniture is predicted will be more popular in 2019.

So, for this 2019, you can choose two types of wall paint colors. The bold or soft one. Both of them will be quite balanced in competing. Whatever you choose, we hope that you will choose the best for your bedroom.

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