41+ Fence Style Ideas for Your Home Privacy

41+ Fence Style Ideas for Your Home Privacy – To beautify our house, there are many things to concern including the exterior aspect. The exterior condition can be a sign of how we maintain our house. If there is anyone who thinks that exterior is not that important, he or she should think twice. People estimate the character of the house owner not only from the interior but also the exterior.
The components that include the exterior of a house are front yard garden, fence, and of course the façade of your house. In this post, we will not discuss thoroughly all these exterior aspects. Meanwhile, we will talk about the fence only. There are many types of fence styles that you can choose. You can choose the design of the fence according to the house design itself of course.
Whether it is the front yard or backyard fence, both are important to keep your privacy. Especially if in your backyard you have architectural features like a swimming pool or backyard patio, you have to keep them out from the neighbors’ sight. In this post, we will specify the discussion about the wooden fence only. There are three designs that we will talk about. They are shadow box fence, deck railing, and fence panel.
Three of them have so contrast differences. First, for the deck railing, this design is indeed so simple. If you are good as a carpenter, you just need to prepare the materials. You just have to spare your time during the holiday and make it. But, even if you ask an expert to install, the design itself is so easy. However, despite the easy design itself, it has some cons.
The deck railing is quite short, so even your pet can jump passing it easily. That’s why if you address it for safety, it is not recommended. The deck railing is commonly used for the farm. Next is the wood panel fence. This is safer than the deck railing one. That’s why this design is so recommended for the house. People are hard enough to jump it.
Another positive aspect of wood panel fence is, it is good for the planting background. One of the main principles of a good garden is, it should have a clear border. This kind of fence is not only keeping your privacy but also keeps the plants not to be messy. The last is the shadow box fence. It has the same good safety as the wooden panel fence.

And just like the wood panel fence, the shadow box fence is also high enough. Your pet will not be able to reach it. Despite the design itself, you have to place concern about the materials. There are aluminum, iron, vinyl, wood, and steel. If you live with kids, it is better to choose the safe material for them. The material type is also should be adjusted according to the fence function. For last, choose the material that looks good for your garden.

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