41+ Beautiful Room Ideas in Smart Style and Concept

41+ Beautiful Room Ideas in Smart Style and Concept – Having a beautiful house is a dream of anyone, isn’t it? But, we should aware that the definition of a beautiful home is also different for each person. Knowing the home design as much as you can make you easier to decide what kind of home design is best for you. The most important is not the design of the home only.

There are several things you need to note in styling the home smartly. One, you need to concern about the durability and the cleaning terms. Two, you need to search the home design that fits for the weather around your home. Third, the design should be able to fill your family need. If you have kids in your home, you need to search for the design that is friendly for them.

Today, we have some home ideas that are smart and beautiful. Let’s look back at the 2019 home design forecast first. In 2019, the interest will be dominated by live plants, wooden furniture, and earthy style. So, according to these specific trends, the best home designs are bohemian, mid-century modern, and farmhouse decor.

For the bohemian living room, you are able to include an additional trend of 2019 which is eclectic decoration. The bohemian living room or bohemian interior can be a representation of some 2019’s trends. In this year, you can maximize the decoration because it is part of the trend. So, if you love the artistic and colorful home, this design is the answer.

The bohemian living room gives the guests friendlier nuance. The earthy atmosphere from the live plants refreshes the interior vibe. So, it will energize anyone who is in the living room. Not only that, if you collect the tribal fabric, you can utilize them as the decors. Even if you use the brown or tan couch, it can support the boho style with other eclectic decorations.

Okay, let’s move to the mid-century modern kitchen. If you prefer earthy nuance without living the modernity, this interior is the best choice. Why is it? The mid-century modern interior presents wooden furniture while being simple. A mid-century modern interior is a nice option for the big or small home. Moreover, the mid-century modern furniture nowadays is presented in many color options.

The last is the farmhouse kitchen decor. Another earthy nuance for the home can be presented through the farmhouse decor. The live plant and earthy furniture trends in 2019 can be manifested through this interior concept. Interestingly, this design is popular today with the newer version which is a modern farmhouse. According to these concepts, which one will you choose?

If you love being more artistic, the bohemian style is the best. If you want to be more modern, the mid-century modern is a perfect choice. If you like homely and organic nuance, the farmhouse design is the best answer. They have one thing in common. That is the live plant decor.

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