41+ 2019 Living Room Decor Trends

41+ 2019 Living Room Decor Trends – When the New Year comes, there will be predictions of the trends for a year ahead. For the home decor in general, there are several highlights. They are the use of terrazzo, the bold colors as well as the earthy colors, the curve, etc. Besides the trend in general, there are also specific trends for each room. Today, we will share some predictions of living room decor ideas in a year ahead.
The living room decors that we share here are also the trends in the previous year. Who are they? The first is the boho living room décor. The boho living room is the most relatable theme for the general trends in 2019. Some general trends in 2019 include the decoration of many plants, the eclectic wall decor, bold colors, tribal and ethnic pattern, and wooden element. So, the unity of them can create a boho style, isn’t it?
The rustic theme also wins this year. The rustic living room decor that manifests the earthy nuance will represent the relation of human and nature. Since the wooden element is also the trend this year, it will support the rustic nuance living room. The tribal or ethnic pattern will create a beautiful composition for the rustic living room. Not only that, since the bulk of the live plants will be so hype, the live plants are highly recommended for nature vibe rustic living room. As the home decor, we recommend the cactus and vine live plants as the candidates for any living room decor.
The next is the farmhouse living room decor. Actually, we can tell that the rustic and farmhouse living room design is the same. Interestingly, today there is a newer version of the farmhouse theme. That is the modern farmhouse. The modern farmhouse concept combines modern and farmhouse furniture and decorations.
Just like the rustic theme living room, the farmhouse living room is also dominated with the rustic and vintage decor. What you need to remember if you want to create such a living room theme is, the shabby things look beautiful. So, if you find furniture in the antique store has the cracks or scratch, they will make the interior looks more beautiful. Remember, the rustic theme accents the natural appearance. The tribal and ethnic pattern will be so suitable for the farmhouse living room theme also.

In 2019 the grey tone will still win our hearts, so, if you plan to re-decorate your living room, this color is a nice candidate. The last trend is the modern living room decor. Of course, it is hard to decide what is specifically modern. Yet, we can assume a bit that the modern style for this year is being minimalist. The compact design that accentuates the modernity will win. So, for this 2019 which design that suits for you? Every living room theme has its own beauty. Whatever you choose, we hope it will make you more proud of your home.

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