40+ How to Mix Modern and Vintage Decoration Beautifully

40+ How to Mix Modern and Vintage Decoration Beautifully – We are sure that everyone has different definitions of a dream house. But, that’s actually the advantage. With so many forms of artistic and unique home, we can get more source of inspirations. Some of us love to mix two or more house styles. From there, anyone who loves more than two kinds of interior can get inspirations.
If you are one of the mixing style fans, you don’t need to get far in searching inspirations. In this post, we want to share some modern and vintage mix. So, you can just stay with us until the end of this post. Okay, before we start we need to remind you that in mixing the styles, you don’t have to get everything in the match. You can make two types of contrast furniture meet.
So, in mixing two types of interior style, you need to be brave in being eclectic. Don’t be afraid of using old vanity and modern mirror. In fact, you can get a super attractive look. As long as you can create a good nuance in your home, two contrast types of furniture will go along together. What you need to arrange in harmony is the composition as a whole.
Creating a mix of modern and vintage decor is just the same as creating an artistic interior. In creating an artistic interior, you can make an art deco mirror with a velvet sofa and flower wallpaper. That’s how the modern vintage is. You mix different type of furniture and decor together. As long as they look good together, it’s okay.
When you want to include the vintage element to your house, you should not be rushed to purchase everything. It is better to hunt the stuff from your senior first. Our ancestors, mom, grandma, grandma’s sister, are often to keep the old stuff. Instead of purchasing things you need, you can search in their home first.
New stuff that designed in vintage is different from the stuff that originally vintage. The original vintage stuff still keeps the scratches, washed color, and anything that can we called as historical marks. These flaws are the ones that make old stuff looks even more attractive and aesthetic. Besides hunting stuff from your seniors, you can search from the thrift shop. You can get not only authentic old stuff but also the cheap one.

You can be creative in creating furniture here. For example, you can create a bathroom vanity with a vintage cabinet that you remodel into a bathroom vanity with sink. So, when you search some old stuff in the thrift shop or from your grandma, think about what kind of stuff you can make from them. You don’t have to place a set of furniture with the only a single genre of vintage or modern. You can create a mix by combine vintage bed and modern cabinet or vice versa. Up to this point, we hope that you will get an image of a modern vintage home that you want.

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