40+ Elegant Bedroom Wall Color Ideas

40+ Elegant Bedroom Wall Color Ideas – As we grow up, our color preference will change. It is reflected through the kid’s bedroom, teen’s bedroom, and the adult’s bedroom design. All of them have color preference different from each other. The kid’s bedroom is typically colorful and bright. When they step on the teenage, the color preference will still similar, although they will choose not too childish decor.

When someone is being an adult, the décor we choose is more mature. And commonly we choose a narrower color scheme for our bedroom. Adults usually love the simple neutral color. Many of us also love the dark tone. If you like the dark and neutral color, you need to stay with us until the end of this post. So, check this out.

The dark blue bedroom wall is suitable for expressing the mature look. This color fits for the bedroom that has a contemporary artistic theme or has vintage furniture. The dark blue is a nice wall paint color that will be matched for any unique nuance. There are many types of dark blue. One of the most popular types is the navy blue. People predict the navy blue is the new black in this 2019.

This color is often used as the navy accent wall. The most often partner for the navy wall paint color is white. If you are interested in this color, we recommend applying the artistic decoration for the wall. For example, is the photograph. Like the accent wall, its existence should be maximized. Besides of the photograph, you can add more attractive décor made from the wooden element.

Many people combine the navy blue accent wall with some photographs and add a live plant. This kind of side can create such an artistic corner. Since the grey will still remain popular in 2019, it will be a nice idea to make a blue and grey bedroom. These tones are suitable for those who love the artistic moody atmosphere.

Besides the blue and grey itself, to create a contour in your bedroom, you can add some gradations. For example for your bed, you can use the pillowcase and bed cover that has the shade from the soft or light grey to the darker one. Then, you can add some dark blue pillowcase. To make an accent inside the bedroom, you can put single stuff that has a very contrast color. For example, is a yellow mustard pillowcase. Giving an accent like this is like creating another story in a room.

Maybe the dark green is not really familiar for the interior. In fact, you can create a dark green bedroom artistically. This paint color will look nice with the wooden furniture and many live plants. The composition of them is very refreshing and natural. In the end, from these examples, we know that the dark color is very good for the interior. The trend of 2019 of wooden furniture and plants will make these colors look more amazing.

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