39+ Dark Color Ideas Inspired by Sherwin Williams

39+ Dark Color Ideas Inspired by Sherwin Williams – When you build or decorate your home, everything feels so exciting. Maybe, one of the processed that gets you so excited is choosing the wall paint color. In this stage, people tend to choose the one that will make their home looks significantly unique. So, it is important to choose the paint color brand that has expert quality.

One of the brands that popular is Sherwin Williams. For a series of color, this brand introduces some shades of Sherwin Williams paint colors. And like the title says, in this post, we will share the color inspirations that only for the dark shades. For the start, let’s begin with the dark grey paint color.

We have some recommendations for the dark grey Sherwin Williams. The darkest one is the Tricorn SW. This color is really close to black. One level softer, there is peppercorn SW. Then, there is a Stunning Shade SW. Unlike the peppercorn, this color has a hint from the brown. The grey shades that seems quite pure without any hint are Peppercorn, Mindful Grey, and the Silvermist SW.

We highly recommend you to use these colors for the modern farmhouse home design. These colors will be more attractive if you don’t use the blocking method, but using them as the accent. For the dark blue paint color, the most popular form the Sherwin Williams is the In the Navy. Among the other dark blue colors, navy blue is the most often to be found.

Besides the navy blue, there are some dark blue colors that have hints for each. There is Dark Night SW that looks really dark and close enough with the black. One level beneath, there is Moscow Midnight SW and Rainstorm SW. If you want a bit warmer look, you can select the Marea Baja SW and Regatta SW. If you want a cooler vibe and a bit of green hint, there is Connor’s Lakefront SW.

So, it depends on what kind of impression you want to deliver. If you want a strong, bold, and so mature, the darkest dark blue like In the Navy SW or Dark Night SW are good choices. If you want a warmer tone with a bit of purple hint, you can choose the Regatta SW. The last, if you want a bohemian or Moroccan look, Connor’s Lakefront will be the best idea.

The last, let us give you some refreshing ideas of dark green paint color. There is some people’s favorite dark green from Sherwin Williams. They are Hunt Club SW, Isle of Pines SW, Jasper SW, and Rookwood Dark Green SW. The sage green is predicted to be popular this year. So, the dark green paint color we said before might accompany the sage green as the popular lines. The dark color is in accordance with the trend of being maximum in 2019. These dark color will make a good partnership with the wooden furniture in 2019.

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