39+ Creative DIY Storage Ideas for Laundry Room

39+ Creative DIY Storage Ideas for Laundry Room – Nowadays the DIY projects cannot be underestimated. Even with doing DIY, you can get the same things like in the stores with the inexpensive budget. In previous times, the DIY things are thought as fragile and shabby. But it depends on how you make it. With the right materials and technique, you will get the DIY stuff with the same good quality as the manufacturer does.

Right now we love to deliver some small laundry room ideas. This topic will be too broad, so we focus on the DIY laundry room ideas. We will share mainly about laundry room organization ideas because that is the most important thing in the laundry room.

There are several laundry room storage ideas we share. And the first is the laundry jars. Do you get an image of this? The laundry jars here utilize the old jam jars or any jars that are unused. Instead of throwing them away, we have a brilliant idea about this. You can save the laundry soap, softener, perfume, or anything inside of them. Don’t forget to label each jar with an attractive design.

Commonly the laundry room is also a place for keeping the home cleaning tools. If that case also happens in your home, you need to give distinctive places for them. For the cleaning tools, the organization idea that we provide is the hook. It’s better to make some hooks in a single place. You can give additional medium basket among the hooks. Thus, you will get the similar storage like Ikea’s.

Some of us have the home area where get minimum sunlight. If it happens to you, you will need the drying rack. There are two fashionable drying racks you can adopt. The first one is the most simple with the design like the towels bar. It’s very easy to install them. And the next idea is the folded square drying rack.

About the laundry room shelving, what we recommend here is the open shelf type because it is the simplest one. The material for making it is also easy to get. You just need to purchase some baskets in the same design for grouping things. Above or in front of the shelves you can hang a bar for hanging clothes. For the dirty clothes, you can attach the hook on the wall and hang some canvas bags there. Don’t forget to label the owner like mom’s, dad’s, Paul’s, etc.

Commonly the laundry room shares the same space with the bathroom. And if you have children, you will need a bath toy storage. You can make the DIY bath toy storage by joining small baskets with chains and hang them on the ceiling. It’s good to avoid the visual noise that might stress you out.

It’s needed the routines to seek some ideas of DIY projects. The DIY projects will help you to manage stuff in your home. Another thing needed for doing DIY project is eager to spare your time doing it.

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