38+ Warm and Cozy Bedroom Ideas for 2019

38+ Warm and Cozy Bedroom Ideas for 2019 – If you are asked, what kind of bedroom that seems ideal to yourself, how will you explain? Of course, everyone has its own preference for the dream bedroom. One thing for sure and everyone should agree is, the bedroom should make you relax. A bedroom should give you a cozy feeling.
So, in the goal of getting a comfortable bedroom, we recommend several tones that will please your eyes. For this special topic of a warm and cozy bedroom, we will talk about the warm tone bedroom itself. After that, we will talk about the jewel tone bedroom. So, should we start now?
The warm tone bedroom, if you have guessed, is the bedroom that has color tones like the autumn. So, you can imagine the color of the falling leaves, soil, the wood, something like that. Just like it sounds, the warm tones describe the warm of weather, the warmth of sunlight, and of course the feel of nature. The brown, red, yellow, orange, will dominate the warm tone bedroom.
You can picture on your mind the earthy theme bedroom which has an orange or brown pillowcase and bed cover. You will see the ethnic rug in brown. And you will see many ornaments are made from woods or rattan. Since the warm tone is so familiar with the earthy feeling, the warm tone bedroom is also familiar with the live plants. Slightly, you can see the warm tone bedroom as the earthy bedroom or boho bedroom which dominated with warm tones.
In fact, you don’t have to fill all the warm tone bedroom with the colors we mentioned above. You can combine it with the most neutral colors like white and grey. Or you can even combine it with the pastel color that is close enough to warm tones. Ok, then let’s move to the jewel tone bedroom.
The jewel tones contain the jewel colors as we all can guess. The most favorite jewel wall tones are emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, and topaz. These colors produce a bold and strong look. Interestingly, these colors are the best choice for creating several bedroom themes like bohemian, Moroccan, and Indian.
What makes these color tones so attractive is, their boldness even allows us to combine with any contrast colors. So, you don’t need to worry if they will match or not with other cheerful colors. To make the jewel tone bedroom looks the most, you can place the furniture with the grand texture like velvet or fur. The light texture is not really common for the kind of bold jewel tone room.

Instead, the heavy texture ornaments are preferred. And since the jewel tone bedroom has many colorful things everywhere, it doesn’t mean you have to reduce the pattern. You are allowed to use patterns there. we can conclude that whether the warm tone or jewel tone are both the products of the earthy theme. So, when you combine them with natural elements like plants, they will look good.

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