38+ Ideas Fancy DIY Room Decor for Teen Girls

38+ Ideas Fancy DIY Room Decor for Teen Girls – The teen is the happiest age in someone’s life. Teenage is the time when someone can feel so free to taste anything. New hobbies, dating, new fashions, music, even remodel the bedroom. It’s impossible your children will stay forever with the same bedroom decoration. What you need to do is not to dictate, but to assist them to gain what kind of bedroom decor they want.

In this post today, we will not discuss the bedroom interior type or even what kind of furniture you should have. We will only discuss the DIY bedroom decor for a teen girl. Compared to a teen boy, teen girl links to the DIY craft more. So, it’s not only about getting an inexpensive cost of decor but also to teach them how fun it is to do DIY things for the home.

Let’s start with makeup brush holder. All you need for this are just some jars and paint colors. We are sure that you can already imagine how to make it. For this tips, we recommend a paint color that sparking like rose gold, gold, silver, etc. Your kids can also decorate it with glitters. Finish. Just like that and place them on the mirror vanity.

The second idea is the sparking switch lamp. For this, you also need colorful glitter and glue only. Whether you make it with pattern or plain, whatever is okay. The next, we will make the decoration board above the bed. For this one, you need to help your kids. You need some pieces of wood and paint color.

The concept is like this, the woods are arranged to be like a board and you will paint them with a quote or just a word. If you feel that the typography things doesn’t suit, you can remove the decoration with the photographs. So, print some photos in the size of Polaroid photos and attach them to the board. It is better to leave the wood board unpolished to create a natural appearance.

After this bed board, we will make a gallery frame. What you need for this one are an old frame and a long rope or string. You can cut the rope or string into some lengths and hang them inside the frame. Then, place some pictures or photos there with cute pins. For the last one, we will make a dustbin like IKEA. What you will need is only a plastic basket, a roll of rope, glue, and a piece of cloth.

Just cover the outside basket with ropes and the inside with cloth. Make sure that the cloth is the plain one with fancy colors like grey or nudes, finish. Before you make all these, you should search for some old unused things in the storeroom. You know that the old things can be so attractive when they brought to modern days. Give your kids the chance to present their ideas in decorating their bedroom. So, what are you waiting for?

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