38+ Farmhouse Bathroom Decor to Exude the Homey Vibe

38+ Farmhouse Bathroom Decor to Exude the Homey Vibe – What can you imply about living in the countryside? Living the village life is simple and calming. Living the village life means you can feel the homey vibe that nature presents. Unlike urban life that is close to the fast pace, the country life gives you the chance of slow rhythm. That’s why the farmhouse design represents calmness and homey vibe.
If you want to enjoy more bathing activity, a farmhouse bathroom is a perfect choice. A farmhouse bathroom can give you extra peaceful feeling while taking a bath. Home spa and other rituals in the bathroom can be taken whole-heartedly. So, let’s talk about what things you can do to get a farmhouse bathroom.
Okay, when you think about the farmhouse design, the common things that might pop on your mind is neutral wall paint color. But, in this post, we will not recommend that. You can get lots more unique farmhouse bathroom with dark color. The dark wall that we recommend is not all black. We recommend the navy blue half wall panel.
You can combine the navy blue half wall panel with the white paint color. The combination of them will create an unusual farmhouse look. And for the farmhouse bathroom mirror, you can choose the non-framed and framed bathroom mirror. If you prefer the non-framed bathroom mirror, make sure the vanity has a strong farmhouse or vintage look. It is to balance the non-framed mirror that looks more modern minimalist.
Yet, if you prefer the framed mirror, you can make the DIY mirror frame. But, if you want to get a unique mirror frame, you should hunt it in the thrift shops. The thrift shops or old markets for sure will sell the vintage mirrors with an unusual design. Then, to accentuate the countryside look, you should concern about the farmhouse bathroom counter decor. You can leave the choice of using granite or quartz counter. But, you can stick with butcher block bathroom counter. It gives a more natural and homey look for your bathroom.
Besides of things above, there are some accessories to add and change. In order to get a farmhouse bathroom look, the door should already represent the countryside vibe. Instead of using ordinary doors, it is better to use the barn door. You can decorate the barn door with washed paint style. The shabby look will show the organic nuance.

Then, it seems cliche, but the lighting choice very matters. What kind of lighting will you choose for the lighting? It is okay to use multilayer lightings like a modern home, but, you cannot use mix everything. What’s best for the farmhouse bathroom lighting is the one with a vintage design. Put one near the bathroom vanity to make this side more aesthetic. And although you want to represent the countryside look, you shouldn’t let the less brightness. Keep the farmhouse bathroom bright to avoid the narrow look. The last, add some live plants to make a hit in your bathroom.

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