38+ Country Farmhouse Dream Exterior

38+ Country Farmhouse Dream Exterior – The French rustic design is always appealing. It is not hard to adopt the authentic traditional French design to your home. The French country home is flexible enough to be applied to many regions. In this post, we will share some interesting French country farmhouse exteriors.
The exterior is the first element or likes the face of your house. It tells the identity of your house. This is the distinctive part that differs your home with others. Ok, talking about the French country home exterior, it is hard to not relate it with the farmhouse style exterior.
Both of them shares the same characters which are rustic, traditional, and require antique touches. If you think that this kind of exterior is only compatible with village houses or farmhouse, you get wrong. This is a dream home exterior design. Seeing some inspirations about them might make you feel interested to adopt that for your home.
If you think that the French farmhouse exterior is only fit for the old times, you also get wrong. Because this is a dream modern home exterior. Modern people tend to search the home design that gives welcoming and calming vibes. Then, the rustic type like this is the best option.
The most distinctive parts about the French country home are the shape of windows and the roof. Their design doesn’t change since the old times. It is also obvious that the exterior painting is dominated by earth colors like nudes, or white, or brown shades. It is also very common the French country exterior is dominated with the brick walls.
Another element that should not be forgotten from a farmhouse is the front yard. Maybe, it’s a bit hard to get a big front yard in a dense city, but it’s okay as long as there is greenery in front of your house it’s enough. To add the rustic and natural atmosphere, you can plant the vine plants on the exterior wall. It creates more organic and a bit mysterious vibes about your home.
Besides the vine plants, you can also plant the vine flower like wisteria. The variety of plants is also beneficial for your home exterior. It is quite useful to accentuate the country feeling for your home. Before the front door, the split level can create a big hit for your home exterior. This kind of accent is common for the vintage building. The small balcony like in front of Juliet’s bedroom is also a big deal in generating a rustic French for your home
Another thing that might make big difference for your farmhouse exterior design is the additional terrace chairs. It will be better if there is also a table, so they will look like a small living space for drinking tea and enjoying the air.

The French farmhouse represents the antique, vintage, and shabby chic characters. Whether it is used for the exterior or even interior, both of them is good in creating a welcoming atmosphere.

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