38+ Bringing Back the Beauty of Vintage Interior Design

38+ Bringing Back the Beauty of Vintage Interior Design – If you heard about the Victorian design, maybe the first image that comes to your mind is the imperial house. That image cannot be separated from the Victorian design. The historical factor is the one that influences us to think like that. Maybe not people now that there is no pure Victorian style. The Victorian style is actually influenced by many styles.

What you can highlight from the Victorian design is its feminine decor. When this style was so popular in its era, the floral pattern wallpaper also came for the first time. So, if you are interested to decorate your house with the Victorian design, you should not forget the essential principles of the Victorian design which one of them is the floral wallpaper.

The Victorian design is also significant for its full of decorations. When you see some inspirations of the Victorian house, you will find that the decorations fill all over the house. The Victorian house is like a gallery. The decorations are not only about the artworks, but also the musical instruments also. You can feel that there are patterns and pictures everywhere.

The most important of a Victorian house is the parlor or the living room. Like we know that the aristocrats love to drink the tea several times in a day. So, the parlor is like the important support of the aristocrat culture. The living room interior of a Victorian house has earthy-inspired color schemes. But, it doesn’t mean that the color dominance is the earthy colors like sandy, black and white, or something like that. Yet, the color range is wider. Since the floral element is also an important aspect, the floral color is also used.

For the Victorian bedroom interior, people also still use this decor until now with some modifications. The Victorian bedroom interior utilizes the aristocrat-like bed with the king or queen size. The bed’s body has the details on every edge. The wallpaper plays an important aspect for the bedroom. Like we know that the vintage atmosphere is decided with the wall, furniture, and the decorations. The vintage Victorian wallpaper is also filled with a pattern inspired by the earthy thing like a flower.

What you should not forget for decorating the house like a Victorian era is the wall painting. Once people see the vintage wall painting, people get the theme of your house. The curtain above the bed should be considered since it can be an important identity of your house. The last is the crystal lamp, a must for your bedroom, and of course, the design should be vintage enough.

This far, are you interested enough with the Victorian home? It is the home design that accentuates the beauty. The Victorian style design suits for those who love the artistic vibe. You don’t really have to apply all the concept. You can give a bit modification like for the decorations for example. You don’t have to bulk the wall decors, as long as the wallpaper can represent the theme, some decors are just enough.

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