38+ Best Modern Farmhouse Kitchen for Your House

38+ Best Modern Farmhouse Kitchen for Your House – If you are asked between two genres, the vintage one or modern one. Which one will you choose? Some of us maybe are confused enough to mention. It is because both vintage and modern are so attractive. But, if you are one of them, you are not necessarily to choose one between them. Because there is a combination of them like presented by modern farmhouse decor.
Is there anyone who hasn’t heard about this? It’s okay. Don’t worry. Let us tell you first. The modern farmhouse style is the decor that combines the country decor and the modern one. This kind of design is so attractive because the combination between the vintage country and the modern one go along really well.
This concept is appropriate for those who love to present a friendly vibe inside the home. There are several keys to modern farmhouse concept that you can notice. The first is the color composition. We can call the color composition of the modern farmhouse is effortless. How does it so? The modern farmhouse utilizes neutral colors like grey, white, or original wood.
Second, being romantic. We can see the modern farmhouse concept looks so beautiful. The flowery wallpaper or flower decoration is very typically found in the modern farmhouse design. Third, modern furniture inside the country interior. The modern cabinets or other modern furniture, in fact, goes really well with the old hardwood floor or rustic wall decor.
So, if the two contrast concept meet, how they are matched for one another? The modern and vintage country concept in this style can meet through the color. The color of the modern and rustic element is similar. That’s why the two contrast styles can go really well together. You have the option of using modern furniture with rustic wall decor. Or, rustic furniture with modern wall decor.
If we use the rustic furniture that is literally old. How can we maintain it? Don’t worry. Just like modern furniture like cabinets, for example, the vintage cabinets are also easy to maintain. Even you can do the kitchen cabinets makeover by yourself. How it is? First, you need to prepare the equipment that you need like paint color, sandpaper, primer, wood filling, and soap.
You need to segment the parts of the cabinets first to make the makeover process easier. Then, clean them with mild soap. Then, after they dry, you can sandpaper it. But, it depends on the paint color that you use. Some paint colors don’t need the sanding and priming stage. After that, you can paint them.

Maybe it sounds tiring, isn’t it? But, believe us, after you do all these by yourself, you will feel so satisfied. Painting kitchen cabinets, in fact, are not boring at all. That is a beneficial activity to fill your spare time. This DIY project can be applied to other furniture also. For example, is a kitchen island bar stools. So, do you want to try?

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