37+ Ideas Orange Touch for Your Living Room

37+ Ideas Orange Touch for Your Living Room – Orange is not quite as common as the main room decoration. Maybe people think that orange is not really flexible to be combined with other colors. Yes, partly it is true, yet if you can frame it in the right theme like boho style, for example, orange will be a very nice color for it. And orange challenges you to dare in playing with colors.

What do you think about this living room? This living room has an artistic side, isn’t it? The orange color here is the one who gives the artistic pop side. And the funny and artsy paintings are making this living room looks so creative.

In this living room, the walls are created with a different theme for each. The orange wall itself is the accented wall here. Orange looks good with brown. Those colors are not too contrasting. The sunset themed paintings accentuate the orange nuance here.

This living room combines the cream, soft blue, and orange beautifully. Although orange doesn’t dominate, yet it is the main sweetener. Both cream and soft blue are light colors. Orange is the boldest color that makes this living room looks cheerful.

Looking at the high ceiling, many windows, and the live plant, this living room is designed with tropical theme. The tropical theme is not strongly presented by the white interior. Yet, it is helped by the orange element and the painting theme.

There’s no exact single theme for this living room. Yet, looking at the simple linings, overall the theme is minimalist. While the colors are very eclectic, doesn’t present the minimalist at all. There are several vibrant colors like orange and green.

This living room is an example of creativity in arranging the colors. This living room is a combination of white, sandy, and orange. The living room and dining room are presented with different dominance. The living room has a strong orange nuance.

Actually, this dining room presents with several furniture types. Yet, since their colors are matched to each other, they look so good together. The classic theme wallpaper is very unique, since very unusual to find this wallpaper with orange color.

The theme of this living room is coastal. The color choices are very attractive. Although the most basic is white, yet orange, green, and blue make the look is refreshing. More than that, the furniture and decorations reflect the coastal theme strongly.

The orange wall here is the accented wall. It is very nice to be combined with the white nuance. The orange element here is used in several things.

Orange or peach is indeed very appropriate to create a feminine image. This color is good with the flowery pattern and rattan material like this.

As we see that orange is a nice color for the decoration. It makes the room looks refreshing and cheerful. As long as you can smartly combine with other appropriate colors, orange will make the room nicer.

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