37+ How to Styling Living Room with Indoor Plants

37+ How to Styling Living Room with Indoor Plants – For 2019, one of the predictions is the dense plants for the home decorations. For this year, the earthy theme is back again. So, the earthy nuance is not only for the furniture but also for the decorations. And one of the manifestations is dense of plants. For the home, plants lead to many advantages.
Plants can absorb the mild dirt in the air. Hence, the home with many plants inside will be cleaner. Second, it refreshes the appearance of the interior. Recently, the trend of indoor plants is not brought by middle-aged adults or even seniors. Surprisingly, the trend is brought by young adults who are the fans of the bohemian interior.
For the living room apartment decor, we recommend some ideas about indoor plants. First, you can place the indoor plants on some shelves. You can place these shelves anywhere. Instead of installing them in general parallel, we recommend placing the shelves in zigzag. To create a forest-like nuance, don’t use only the short plants. You need to place different kinds of plants with different height.
To make the mini forest looks more aesthetic, you can place two or three cine plants. And to create an uneven accent, you can place a plant that is the highest. For the indoor plants, we recommend the plants that have strong endurance and don’t need too much maintenance. Maybe, for another alternative, you can make a mini cactus garden indoor.
Cactus is a recommended plant for indoor because it doesn’t need extra maintenance and of course strong. It has many shapes that unique, making your interior looks colorful. Another creative idea of creating a mini garden is, placing the live plants on a stair shelf. You can place this stair shelf in the corner of the living room.
We don’t only encourage you to create a mini garden in the living room only. Have it in the bedroom and the bathroom also. For the bedroom and bathroom, you can create the utopia garden by the hanging plants. So, some hanging plants above your bed or near your window may refresh your morning routines. For the bathroom, we recommend the hanging plants because we need to negotiate with space. If you have extra space, place some big plants in the corner of the bathtub. The hanging plants and the plants in the bathtub corner will make you feel like bathing in the natural pond.

The most familiar interior themes for the live plants are mid-century modern and modern bohemian. The mid-century modern living room and modern bohemian living room sound good for your home. These themes are the most recommendable because their furniture material is familiar with live plants.
A live plant is a highly recommended decor for the home. It brings energy to the home as well as the owner. Unlike the ordinary decors like photos or something that pile the dirt, the live plants absorb the dirt. It is good for your health.

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