37+ Carpet Ideas for the Room

37+ Carpet Ideas for the Room – As an interior ornament, carpet often beautifies a room. For the houses in the cold region, carpet is a room warmer. In the warmer environment, carpet is only a room sweetener. There are many designs of carpet, even according to where it is made. The design of the carpet can strengthens the theme that we want to express.

Instead of called as a pure living room, this place can be used as the dining room also. There are a chair and the dining table set that can be used whether for the dining area or living room area. The carpet fills all over the room with the color that is similar to the window cover.

This bedroom is parted in two areas. The one is for the bedroom itself, and another is for the living room or relaxing room. all of them is linked with a patterned carpet. The carpet has the sandy color as the interior and its pattern is a flower.

Looking at the design of the furniture, this bedroom has an ethnic theme. One furniture that has a unique design is the bed. The furniture here is filled with square lining, as well as the carpet itself.

As the previous bedroom, this living room is also themed with the ethnic concept. However, there is a lick of modernity from the couch and carpet. The carpet itself has a very different color tone than its surroundings, yet the color still suits.

Instead of using the carpet, this living room uses the rug for beautifying the room. This living room is basically designed with the ethnic theme, yet there is a touch of modernity from decoration and couch. The rug itself has the retro pattern yet monochromatic color.

Many houses are ornamented with carpet only in a certain area like a living room. Like the one in this picture. The carpet here has a plain pattern yet its color is very similar to the couch.

The fur rug is also very popular. Surely it has a very nice design. What makes it beautiful is the texture itself. Fur rug is also very suitable to be matched with the living room which has a fireplace.

The dark color carpet is very recommended for you. It makes the stains that spilled on it is unseen. It has the longevity in terms of look. More than that, it is easier to clear the stains from them.

This type of carpet is the most common that we can find. It is simple and provided in many colors. The color of the carpet here looks nice for the wall painting.

This rug only covers the floor in the living room area. It is the border between the living room and room in beside.

The bright carpet color looks clean for the room, yet the stains are very seen. Instead, the dark carpet is better in terms of the stain look. Both of them has plus and minus. So, which one do you choose?

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