36+ Inspiring Contemporary House Designs

36+ Inspiring Contemporary House Designs – If you are asked what aspect you search first in a house, how you will answer? We are sure that everyone will have different answers. Anything your answer is, it’s okay. Everyone has their own priorities in purchasing a big thing, especially like property. If you search the simplicity aspect of a house, you come to the right space.
In this post, we have some interesting inspirations of simple house designs. When you read the title above, you might get confused with the difference between the contemporary or modern theme. Both of them are actually often mixed with each other. But, the definition might not really important to you. If you are right now in searching for a house design like that, you have to stay with us until the end of this post. So, let’s start.
If you are searching a home look that is not really heavy for an eye, indeed the simple color house is the one. The simple color of the modern house has pure concrete or natural material color. The modern house design exterior is dominated with basic colors like monochrome, brown, and white. Although the modern exterior is filled with monotonous lining, people search for that urban vibe instead. You can assume that the modern house exterior is like some cubes that placed on one another.
The interior design styles for the modern house is just like its exterior. The interior also has dominance of the sharp lining and the simple colors. Although people commonly know the modern interior for its ornament simplicity, it is not always true. The modern minimalist interior does so. Yet, the modern interior commonly also has some decorations like pictures or photographs. Even today, people decorate their modern house with many live plants.
The impression of the modern living room is, it has a light color composition. Many of living room design interior prefers the domination of white and the use of the wooden element. That’s why these kinds of colors are light for the eye. Moreover, the additional live plants as the ornaments can give the natural vibe for the urban home like this.
There are two tips for creating a modern living room that doesn’t look monotonous. The first, you can apply the color composition that has the color gradation. So, you can manage the living room with certain color schemes, grey for example. Second, you can play with textures. It means that although you have a uniform or similar color shade, one to another furniture has different textures.

For the kitchen interior design, the main character that accentuated is the functionality. So, you might assume that a modern kitchen looks neat and very clean. Yet, indeed it is decorated to fulfill the function of a kitchen. Interestingly, this kind of kitchen design is what small kitchen needs. The modern house theme is a perfect style for the urban person. Living as an urban person, you will be surrounded with the modernity. That’s why the modern living space will look good for you.

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