36+ How to Make Your House Looks Expensive

36+ How to Make Your House Looks Expensive – Our home is the place of our pride. When someone enters our house, he or she will also value our home. Our guest will pay attention to the layout of our house, the neat, and all the details. So, if we don’t present the best version of our home, it would be quite shameful, wouldn’t it? Since we enter a New Year, how if we do some home upgrades?

In this post, we will help you to create an expensive look for your home. However, don’t be surprised by our goal today. We will not make you faint by the budget you should spend. To make these tips more achievable for anyone, we have special tricks of apartment decorating on a budget.

Firstly, before you touch anything in your home, you have to declutter first. Doing makeover to your home will not create a big impact if you don’t remove the unused things. So, you need to filter first which stuff you don’t use anymore and which are still used. In the process of decluttering, you need to neat your home, too.

The second one, you need a dark or bold color for your interior. Maybe you should consider the black interior doors. The deep color will make the home looks cool. Besides the door, the indoor paint color schemes should be concerned, too. If you prefer the wall painting, maybe you should choose the paint color that has the extra dimension effect.

If you want, you can try the bold color for your home. The bold color like jewel colors is impactful in making an accent. However, if you consider using the wall covering ideas, we recommend the wallpaper that has seen the texture. It is better if the texture makes a certain shape. The floral shape will make your home looks so expensive and elegant like the monarch palace.

For the bedroom, as we know that the tufted headboard is so common in the luxury master bedroom. But, actually, it can be made by yourself. You can do the DIY tufted headboard for the master bedroom. There are shared videos of tufted headboard tutorial on the internet. Besides these tips, we have some aspects you need to add to your home.

To make your home looks expensive, you need to befriend with the live plants. The live plants create a great impact on a room. It makes the home looks so refreshing. The combination of bold interior color with the live plants, in fact, can create an artistic atmosphere. The next decor you can add is the mirror. The mirror here is not a small mirror. Yet, the big one. The bigger is better to make a wider illusion.

The last, you need to consider to hang the curtain as high as possible. It can create a huge illusion for the interior. These tips are so easy, aren’t they? These tips are also very possible to do by yourself. You don’t need an expert to realize them.

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