36+ Backyard Fire Pit Ideas On a Budget

36+ Backyard Fire Pit Ideas On a Budget – Besides the living room or family room, backyard landscape can be the place for inviting the closest friends or relatives. Backyard has a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. So, for informal occasions, the backyard can be a very pleasing place. In the backyard, you can do many things like chit-chat, barbeque party, or even just warming the body around the fire pit.
So, you need to decorate your backyard as attractive as possible. One of the most attractive and easy to make decor is a landscape fire pit. There are some interesting ideas for creating the backyard fire pit. Thus, can we start? First, how will you make your fire pit? There are two options that you can often find. The first is the square fire pit and the second is the round square pit.
The first step of making the fire pit is, you need to mark the backyard fire pit area. Make the fire pit area that is not too wide. You can make a simulation by placing four or five chairs around the fire pit. Don’t make the fire pit too close with the chairs. Then, after getting the space that you want, you can decorate the area with stones. The stone fire pit is the easiest to make. You can even make it by yourself.
You need to leave some space without stones. This area is for the fire pit itself. After arranging the stones beautifully, the surroundings of the fire pit should be fenced with the bigger stones. Or, there is another alternative of using the stone pot or concrete pot. You can choose both of them as you want. If you want the fire pit is more elevated, you can arrange the brick or square stones.
This idea is very easy. Depends on the chair design you will use, this fire pit can be a modern or rustic fire pit. If you want to create a modern fire pit, you can use the stools. However, if you want a rustic fire pit, you can use the wooden chairs or wood chunks. We recommend the chairs that have a comfortable design. Why? You will not spend ten or fifteen minutes around the fire pit.
You need comfortable seating so you can enjoy the moment of togetherness for a long time. The seating ideas for backyard fire pit can lead you to the different nuance of the fire pit. If you want a natural and rustic one, simple big wood chunks are the best. However, the chairs that are quite short and have backings are more recommendable.

Besides the decoration, consider what kind of activities you will do there. If you want to do something like barbeque party, you can make the fire pit that has a brick guard. So, you can place the baking iron there. These are the simplest ideas of the fire pit. If you want it more attractive, place some ornaments like live plants or cushion seats there.

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