36+ Awesome Bedding Ideas for Master Bedroom

36+ Awesome Bedding Ideas for Master Bedroom – When decorating a bedroom, you need to concern for all the detail aspects. In decorating a bedroom, the wall decor is not the most important one. If you neglect the other aspects like decoration and bedding, a good wall decor will be such a waste. So, what can we do to create cozy bedding for master bedroom?
First, is about the bed design. What kind of bed will be good? We recommend the sleigh bed master bedroom. We recommend this not because of no reason. The sleigh bed is named after its shape. The shape of a sleigh bed is like the bigger version of the sleigh. The sleigh bed has the identifiable features in the curved feet and the headboard.
The sleigh bed looks grand for the master bedroom. Its size suits very much for a couple. The design of the sleigh bed is also varied. In the past, sleigh bed is designed from the wood only. But, time after time it has evolved with more materials used. Today, you can find the sleigh bed with the tufted headboard. The sleigh bed with fabric material like velvet looks expensive and elegant.
Second, we will recommend the color for the bedding. What we recommend here is the grey bedding master bedroom. You can use any other color, but we recommend the most popular one here. People love to use the graduation for the grey bedding. What we mean here is not the bed cover with color gradation. Yet, the grey bedding consists of several grey shades.
So, for the grey bedding, you can use the grey color from the softer to the darker for the bed. You can apply the combinations of soft and dark grey for the pillowcase. Besides the color gradation, the bedding will be more attractive if you use different fabrics and patterns. There is also a creative idea of bedding. That is master bedroom canopy bed.
We are more familiar with the canopy bed for the antique bed. Yes, in fact, the canopy bed is more common for the bedroom in the past. However, today, you can find the canopy bed from the antique until modern design. The antique design is more familiar with the sheer cover. Meanwhile, the modern one is made simply from the iron without the ornament of any curtain.

The canopy bed also creates a nice impact for the bohemian concept. Today, you can create a canopy bed on your own. There are many Tumblr bedroom decors in the social media that use the sheer fabric for the canopy. Not only that, but people also add Tumblr lamps to create a sparkling look. The last, we recommend you to add the rug under the bed.
The rug under the bed can create an accent for your bedroom. The most popular today are the fur rug and the tribal boho rug. So, with the ideas we recommend before, you can adopt some or all of them. These designs are so easy and will still popular in this year.

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