35+ Wonderful Walk-in Closet for Your Bedroom’s Aesthetic

35+ Wonderful Walk-in Closet for Your Bedroom’s Aesthetic – One of our problems is, being lazy to organize the clothes. Whereas, actually organizing our closet makes it easier to choose what to wear. It is also good for our apparels. Well, the organization makes the apparels more durable. And of course, stay tidy. At the start, you may imagine that organizing a closet is a boring activity. But, in the middle of doing it, you will realize that it is so enjoyable.

To help you more diligent in organizing your closet, you need a good closet also. Before, walk through closet is thought as an exclusive feature in the bedroom where only rich ones can have. But, now everyone can own master bedroom closet whether it is big or small. That’s why in this post, we have some general ideas of walk-in wardrobe that you can adapt.

The first thing you have to do in creating a walk-in closet is, determining the location. This is important to then decide the kind of closet shape.  You can create a hallway, square, L shape and many more depend on the space remains. After you decide the location, just like the other rooms, you have to decide the walk-in closet design.

You can make it in a simple style full of white. Or, you can apply a certain concept. If there is enough space in your walk-in wardrobe, you can place seating there. Or you can put a transparent closet island in the middle. There, you can keep accessories. Then, let’s move to the main role in the closet itself, the storage.

In order to organize your wardrobe beautifully, grouped drawers are good ideas. So, you can custom the drawer design according to the apparel type. For the suits, shirts, and formal clothes, you will need hanging storage. You can group your clothes according to the type or design. Suits in one place, shirts in one place, and so on.

For other apparel types like shoes, bags, and accessories, you can make display drawers. It will make it easier to pick what you want to wear. For the accessories, it is better to provide the one by one room. It is beneficial to prevent them tangled together. Apparel types like bags or shoes are important to be aired periodically. It will prevent the mold to grow from them.

For the shoes, it is better to place their drawers in the lowest area. It is a way of preventing the dust falls to the stuff beneath them. If your bedroom is small enough, you can custom an elevated bed with walk-in closet beneath it. Or, you can build loft walk-in closet and employing ladder to reach it. Don’t forget to employ multilayer lightings in your walk-in closet.

Multilayer lighting is so essential for dressing up. So, you can see the true color of your apparels. It is also important to make a wider illusion in your closet. One more good trick to create the wide illusion is, using the mirrored door instead of an ordinary door for your drawers.

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