35+ Smart Tips for Small Bathroom Remodel

35+ Smart Tips for Small Bathroom Remodel – For some of us, they love to spend extra hours in the bathroom. In this case, the bathroom is like a favorite place for my time. So, it is okay if sometimes they want to remodel their bathroom. For some of us also, they provide a separate master bathroom with a guest bathroom. If there is something doesn’t look good with the guest bathroom, it would make them ashamed. Do you find this condition happen to you lately? If it is yes, don’t worry, we will help you to resolve your problem.
Besides the decoration, it is important to also concern about the essential things in the bathroom. So, when you start to remodel your bathroom, don’t forget to check the water installation, pipe, heater, etc. When you are sure that everything is okay, you can start to decorate from the biggest deal.
Okay, the biggest deal commonly goes for the shower. If you don’t plant to remodel the shower, you can leave it and only add some simple ornament like a sheer curtain or hanging storage. Why should hanging storage? Because it is an easier way. If you feel that you cannot do anything with the current storage, you can leave it. The hanging shower above the bathtub or near the shower will not bulk the area around the vanity.
Meanwhile, if you think about some shower bathroom ideas and consider about remodeling it, you can try an updated design of shower which is a walk-in shower. If you haven’t known about the walk-in shower, it is the design of the bathroom interior in which there is no or only a half of shower partition. The trendy and modern half partition is using the glass. Yet, without partition at all also makes your bathroom looks cool.
If you consider changing the nuance of the bathroom, we recommend the modern farmhouse design or simple white design. The most popular wall paint nowadays is a white color. The white paint color moreover, is the most flexible color. The wall painting process meanwhile, should be done after the big remodel stage like shower changing.

The white wall paint will give you extra benefit for the bathroom ornament. Whatever the ornament style you choose, it will suit for the white wall paint. That’s why previously we recommend you to use apply the modern farmhouse design. The DIY ornament or furniture that you can make for the modern farmhouse bathroom, has simple material which is wood.
The wood here is not necessarily the new one. With the unused woods in your backyard or garage, you can create many things like shelves, bathtub seating, etc. The composition of white wall paint and the wooden ornament makes you able to create a nature nuance. So, you can add some live plants to make your bathroom looks fresh. As the live plants close the bathroom remodel ideas, we hope you get inspired by these tips. Stay simple and efficient for home decorating.

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