35+ Small Bathroom Make Over On a Budget

35+ Small Bathroom Make Over On a Budget – Having to use the same small bathroom with the same design for such long years will make you tired of it. It’s very normal if we are sick of the same look of rooms. If you may know, the decorating the area surrounds you will upgrade your self-esteem, you may check on the internet. If you feel that you need to start searching for the small bathroom remodel ideas, you are in the right place.
Commonly the main issue about upgrading a room is budget. Don’t worry here we have the DIY small bathroom ideas on a budget. So, what you need now is imagining what we are going to present here. The most basic and main important thing about doing the small bathroom remodel is the style.
You may find many small restroom or bathroom ideas out there. But, the most important is your own opinion or your wanted design. After getting the design you desire, it’s the time for talking about the bathroom vanity ideas. The bathroom vanity is one of the most important parts in the bathroom. What kind of vanity you’re going to use?
The big vanity here is a big no-no. of course, it will need a bigger space allocation. Therefore, the small or proportional one in the corner is enough. For the small bathroom, you don’t befriend with the horizontal space. Instead, you can give supportive storage for vanity. How can? It’s the role of the vertical shelves.
Ok, we said that you are not befriended with the horizontal space, don’t we? It’s because the vertical space is your main partner. The vertical space doesn’t only spare the area, but it gives the eye trick of spacy look. The vertical space also gives you more option of storage area.
There are several spaces that you can utilize for storage. They are above the closet, behind the door, above the door, and above the bathtub or near the shower. For the shelves, there are many options of this. The easier one is making your own DIY bathroom shelves. It just needs some piece of woods for the floating shelves.
Another DIY idea of the shelf is even easier. You can purchase some baskets, make sure the design is suitable with the interior that you want. This basket can be the rattan one or iron one. And yes, almost forgotten, you can create the magnetic storage on the wall or inside the vanity. But, we encourage you more the magnetic storage inside the vanity. It looks neater.
The last bathroom shelves idea we strongly recommend is the wall nook. This storage is more hidden and you’re there won’t be any stuff seen on the surface of your wall. Of course besides the wall nook is neater, it also makes the bathroom more spacious.

We hope that these small bathroom decor ideas can give some hits for your small bathroom new look. The last thing, don’t forget about the lighting. The bright appearance makes a small bathroom wider.

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