35+ Awesome Living Room Cabinet Inspirations

35+ Awesome Living Room Cabinet Inspirations – The cabinet is the element that cannot be separated from the living room. The cabinet is more than storage. It is a part of the interior ornament. Cabinet mostly is also used as the place for other decorations. The size of the cabinet really depends on the number of things that are going to be placed. There is a cabinet that is very big for filling the wall.

The cabinet design in this living room follows the interior which is the Scandinavian style. The wooden cabinet gives a strong natural nuance. It is very corresponding with the live plants in front of it. The density of the cabinet even makes this side looks artistic.

The design of this cabinet is really simple. The design is indeed adjusted for only the functionality itself. The good side is, the simplicity makes anything is included in. The density of the book also makes this living room looks nice.

The cabinet here has a very nice shape. The shape is following the contour of the wall. Interestingly, in the corner part, there is a work desk. This cabinet is stunning not only for its design but also able to load many things.

For a small living room, this cabinet has the size that is very proportional. More than that, it has an attractive design with close and open storages. Since some storages are closed, this cabinet doesn’t look stuffy. Its color is also in line with the interior.

The gigantic cabinet always makes us attracted. Another thing that makes it more attractive is, we need to use the stairs to reach the upper area. The blank grey part of this cabinet especially, makes this cabinet looks so wide.

Sometimes having a small house makes us hard to choose the furniture. Yet, there is always the right furniture to choose from. This small cabinet for example. The design is very simple and the size is very nice for the small house.

The owner surely intentionally builds this reading corner. The size of the cabinet is exactly the same as the wall. This room is very attractive indeed. The reading corner is facing the outdoor space, makes this room a very pleasing place to relax.

The thing that is highlighted about this cabinet is its organic concept. The natural color of the cabinet is not only pointed out, yet also its combination with the live plants.

The cabinet here is functioned as the storage as well as the room for showing several decorations. This cabinet is the focus of this living room.

The open rooms of this living room are used for showcasing the decorations. This cabinet is very modern, the design is very classy. The interesting parts are in the most up that are used for the decorations.

We recommend you to use the cabinet which the size is proportional for the room. It is also recommended to use the cabinet that has the similar color as the home interior.

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