35+ Kitchen Corner Bench Seating Ideas

35+ Kitchen Corner Bench Seating Ideas – The window nook or bench is more common for the bedroom. Not many of us who use the kitchen nook. People often don’t realize that kitchen window bench is actually very beneficial. The kitchen nook is actually very beneficial, especially for the small kitchen. It provides the banquette seating in the kitchen. A kitchen nook is also a nice place for enjoying breakfast while feeling the warmth of sunlight.
Actually, if you want to build one in your kitchen, you can make your own DIY window seat. You can get so many sources of tutorials from the internet. The material is also very easy to get. You just need to provide woods for the built-in bench itself. Making your own kitchen nook gives you the freedom of its design. Moreover, you will get a cheaper budget for that.
As long as you are quite accustomed to the carpenter work, you will find it easy to create your own kitchen nook. Another benefit of making your own kitchen nook is, you can adjust its size with the space of your kitchen. If you use the wood for the seating, don’t forget to polish and sealing it first. So, it will last longer.
Not only for the book itself, but you can create the DIY bench cushion also. What you need to provide are just the cushion filling and the textile. If your kitchen nook has an ordinary rectangular shape, you will find it easy to make the cushion. For the kitchen, we recommend you not to add the pillow or something similar. It will make you less free when eating. Basic nook with cushion is enough.
Besides the book itself, you need to concern about the decoration. Don’t leave the wall around the kitchen nook empty. Meanwhile, place some ornaments like pictures or something. To maximize the storage in the kitchen, the underneath of the nook and the wall above the nook can be managed as the organization place. Moreover, add a lamp above this corner.
Another interesting design is actually the kitchen nook with floating seating. Despite the design, don’t forget to add additional chairs in front of the table. Making the kitchen nook will create a unique ambiance for your kitchen. Your kitchen will look friendlier and enjoyable. If you want to create a kitchen nook in your home, you need to pay attention to several aspects.

Firstly, you need to place it near the window. Why do we recommend this location? The outside view will make the ambiance in the nook area better. Your dining activity will be more enjoyable. For the small space, the combination of kitchen nook and window will make that place doesn’t look stuffed. The window makes a refreshing appearance for your kitchen nook, especially if it faces the green view. Second, pay attention to the lighting. This area needs proper lighting, especially if the location is in the corner and no window. The third, beautify it with the decorations. So, make your own attractive kitchen nook.

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