33+ Modern Minimalist Design a la Japanese Style

33+ Modern Minimalist Design a la Japanese Style – We can know from any sources that Japanese architecture is so unique. It is slightly the same as the Korean house. Yet, still, they are different. The Japanese interior design is also popular for its super minimalism, especially the traditional one. Japanese is indeed very popular for its compact concept in everything related to living.

The Japanese minimalism interior is a nice idea to be adapted to your house. If you are interested to design your house like the Japanese, we will support you through this post. But, do you think that we will recommend the traditional one? Nope, we will recommend the modern Japanese home interior instead. So, you can feel the uniqueness of the traditional Japanese house while still being able to feel the modernity also.

Okay, first you have to hold the principle of minimalist interior design. The concept of minimalism can be found in the Muji bedroom. Do you know Muji? Maybe some of you haven’t known about Muji. That is a manufacturer that specializes in the household, food, and the apparels. The simplification principle of Muji can be found in its bedroom.

We can call the Muji bedroom as the answer to a small bedroom. Its design is very compact. Combining the bed and the storage in a single item. The underneath of bed is the storage place of Muji bed. When you see it, you will find it amazing. The storage doesn’t load only small things like books. Yet, the elevated bed concept is really advantaged. There are big spaces for keeping your clothes, even suitcases. And interestingly, some of Muji bed design has the bookshelves around the bed under-edges.

What makes the modern Japanese interior will be so appealing for you is, it has the basics of a traditional Japanese house. While the frame is more modern. So, the wooden element still dominates. Yet, the design is more, we can call it as, so neat. Even the surface or texture seems so sleek. If the traditional Japanese house has a short ceiling, the modern one has a high ceiling.

The modern Japanese house doesn’t eliminate the platform concept of the house. It still uses it, although the façade might not show so. The living room design of the modern Japanese house might so familiar like the traditional one. Basically, the layout is the same. But, you can see the table and seating that are used are improved more creatively.

For the modern bathroom of a Japanese house, you will see that the shape or layout is basically the same. The bathtub of a Japanese house has a distinctive shape which is a simple square. The window doesn’t forget to complete at the side of the bathtub. And more importantly, a short seat that a Japanese bathroom always has.

Generally, the modern Japanese house looks like in s single tone. It is because most of each room interior has the wood dominations for the ceiling, wall, even the floor. However, we can see the compact and sleek modernity inside it.

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