34+ DIY Toy Inspirations for Kids

34+ DIY Toy Inspirations for Kids – Is there anyone who has kids here? As parents, we surely know that academic ability is not the most important for their cognitive skill. Just like how Albert Einstein says that logically brings you from A to B while imagination brings you everywhere. Imagination or creativity is even more important. It challenges us to think keener. That’s why it is so essential to train kid’s creativity.

All the parents here surely know how to train a kid’s creativity, isn’t it? In this post, we will talk about one of the ways to train creativity. That is inviting the kids to do DIY toys for them. Actually, DIY crafting is not only beneficial for the kids. That is also a good method for adults to improve creativity.

Okay, let’s start our first project, the DIY cardboard furniture for kids. All you need for making this is only some pieces of cardboard and color paint. You can make many things like household stuff imitation, car imitation, etc. For their doll, you can invite them to do DIY dollhouse furniture or DIY Barbie furniture.

For the doll furniture, you can use popsicle sticks. But, this DIY might harder due to the details. So, you should assist your kids in making them. You will need other materials like cardboard, paint color, ornament paper, etc. Then, for the Christmas, you can ask your kids to make their own Christmas decor. They can place their own DIY Christmas kids in their own room or their own Christmas tree.

The DIY Christmas ornament for kids will make your kids addicted to making it in the next year. Doing the DIY Christmas crafts for your kids will create another good experience for them. Besides the DIY Christmas craft, you can ask them to make their own DIY Christmas gift for kids. So, the gift they give for the others will be more meaningful.

Besides strengthening creativity, there are several advantages of asking your kids to do DIY things. Doing DIY things can sharpen their independence and teamwork. Depends on what project they do. If they make the simple DIY, they can train their independence by doing the DIY project by themselves. However, if they do the complex DIY, you can join with them. Working with you will make them able to do teamwork.

Next, the DIY project trains them to enjoy the process. Doing such a project needs patience. So, they will appreciate more their work. Doing DIY project also improve their brave of accepting any result they will get. Although the result may less than they expect, the DIY crafts are still satisfying. It also makes them be brave enough in making trials. They will less afraid of making failures. So many advantages, aren’t them? So, during the holiday, doing DIY projects can be a good agenda for your kids. Doing them together will be a good quality moment, too. Are you ready to try?

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