33+ Some Ideas for Making Farmhouse Kitchen Design

33+ Some Ideas for Making Farmhouse Kitchen Design – Everything in this world evolves. Something that relates to fashion and style especially. The existence of social media plays a quite heavy role in this evolve, too. The existence of this social media also helps people to see the revolution of design. And almost unrealized, social media makes people more creative in picking and sticking ideas to design.

In this post, we will talk about the evolution of the farmhouse kitchen. The old farmhouse kitchen is slightly similar to the modern farmhouse kitchen. The old farmhouse kitchen commonly has a lower ceiling. Meanwhile, the flooring is the same as the modern farmhouse generally. They have the hardwood floor in common.

There are similarities and difference between modern and old farmhouse design. The modern one can be said as sleeker than the old one. The old farmhouse has the shabby chic look due to the natural appearance of the furniture. Meanwhile, the farmhouse kitchen now looks very neat because people commonly use modern manufactured furniture. So, you will find that the furniture is new and well varnished.

The farmhouse kitchen now uses more varied colors than the country kitchen color in the past. The country kitchen colors in the previous time are dominantly natural wood color and washed off white. Meanwhile, you can find the farmhouse kitchen now has a wider range of neutral colors. You will find the combination of white granite and the navy cabinet, or black under cabinet and white upper cabinet.

Nowadays, people also love to use the white wall tiles for their kitchen. These tiles usually cover the area where people cook and around the cabinets. The big difference is seen through the decoration. People put more concern to the decorations for the newer farmhouse kitchen. So, besides the basic equipment of a kitchen, we can find some decorations like live plants, signs, or quotes inside the farmhouse kitchen.

If you are interested to decorate your kitchen with farmhouse style, we have an inspiration of kitchen decor on a budget. This is about the kitchen shelving ideas. Open shelving in farmhouse kitchen always exists. Whether it is in the old or modern farmhouse, they have open shelving in common. The difference is, the farmhouse in the past focused on using the open shelving for the kitchen equipment.

However, the newer farmhouse not only focuses to place the equipment in the open shelves. The live plants are so common for the open shelves of a farmhouse kitchen. Not only that, the various decorations like photos, quotes, or anything can sit side by side with the kitchen tools. We can argue that in modern farmhouse, people also care about creativity. They don’t want to make the kitchen looks boring.

If you think that a farmhouse kitchen looks nice, consider combining some different neutral colors there. One thing not to forget, the kitchen island. The kitchen island from the shite granite will make your farmhouse kitchen looks beautiful.

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