33+ One Story Home Decor for Urban People

33+ One Story Home Decor for Urban People – One story home for sure is a nice choice for a single person. It is also a good choice for a budget home investment. Thanks to the smart home designers so now we can enjoy the single story home without feeling stuffed. Persons who just move to their first home casually choose the residential architecture with one story houses.

The one-story house is also a nice choice for couples. It is a good choice for anyone who starts their independent life. To decorate your single story home, you need some essentials to make it most. A single story home needs the interior layout that doesn’t look stuffy for it. That’s why you need to concern about interior layout, furniture style, and of course the interior design itself.

The best interior design for a single story home is contemporary or modern house design. The modern minimalist is even better, but if you think the minimalist one is too boring, you have more choices for that. Okay, where should we start? We need to start with the color scheme first. Yes, you have to decide what kind of color schemes you will apply.

For a single story home, especially the narrow one, you need to go with neutrals. Actually, we don’t want to forbid you using bold and cheerful colors. But, these colors should be applied as the accents only. You can make a unique statement by painting your door with bold color and let the rest in neutrals. Or, you can present the cheerful colors for the frame of your chairs or sofa.

Relating to the sofa, you have an option to choose the big one as long as your house is wide enough. But, if your house is a narrow one, you have to deal with the slim lining sofa. As we said before, you can present a cheerful color for sofa lining. Meanwhile, make sure that the sofa has a slim lining like retro. Back to the color scheme, the continuity in every aspect from the wall, ceiling, and furniture is important.

It doesn’t mean you have to make everything in a single color. You can create the color dynamic, but make sure they have their own scheme. For every room or every space, you can make a landscape there. For example, for your entryway, you can place a touch-up the corner with a small bench, mirror, and some hooks. Yet, make sure the composition will not look dominant. It is better to provide the furniture and decoration in an ideal size.
Although you have a one-story home, it should not avoid you to create some layers. If you want, you can place layers in some places like the sofa, floor, or window. Make sure they won’t look too heavy for the room appearance. The light fabric and thinner one is a better choice for a small one-story home. We hope that your one story home will not limit your decorating creativity, good luck!

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