33+ Awesome Modern Home Design with Inner Pool

33+ Awesome Modern Home Design with Inner Pool – Home should not only be the place for resting. It should be a place for getting securities. Home also should be the place where the owner and his or her family gets the pleasure from. The manifestation or form of pleasure for each person is different. One of them is by building an inner pool inside the home. It’s not really important whether the pool is wide or narrow. It should be adjusted with the home space. As long as it can be the place for family time, you can be happy with it.
In the modern house design plan, the pool can be the additional feature besides of landscape. There are so many forms of the pool like Jacuzzi, open space pool, see-through pool, etc. The most popular design today is the see-through pool or the pool in which the surroundings are bordered with glass. There is also some inner pool in which the design is like a mini lake. There are a canoe, tree, etc.

In this post, we will not only share the design about the pool, but also other decorations of a modern house. And no we are talking about the modern living room interior. The modern living room design that very well-known is the one with the white nuance. Besides white, other colors that accompany it are black, grey, wooden color, or sandy color.
The modern living room doesn’t necessarily have the minimalist concept. As long as the furniture style dominantly is modern, you can call this living room has so. Even there are so many modern living rooms these days which combine the modern minimalist furniture with the vintage or antique one. Okay, next, let’s move to the modern kitchen interior.
Different from the modern living room that also common with the combination of vintage furniture, a modern kitchen is a form of a radical minimalist. Why do we call as radical minimalist? Truthfully, the modern kitchen requires the minimalist furniture in all corner. So, when you see the modern kitchen, what you will get is the one with the minimalist lining furniture and very minimum ornament.
But, the modern kitchen is very beneficial for a small or big home. It is a kind of design that people need these days. The last, we will talk about the modern bedroom interior. The concept of a modern bedroom is similar to the modern kitchen. The modern bedroom also requires clear and simple lining. Instead of the complicated curvy ornament like classic furniture, the furniture for the modern bedroom is straight and strong. Yet, it doesn’t claim that the modern bedroom only needs very minimum or empty decoration. Today, the modern bedroom is also completed with many wall decorations or live plants.
The criteria of modern house encompass two aspects. They are the clearness of lining and the simplicity of color. Two of them can already represent a modern house. With plays on color schemes and the pattern, a modern house can look so attractive and cool.

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