32+ Kitchen Island Inspirations for Modern Kitchen

32+ Kitchen Island Inspirations for Modern Kitchen – As one of the most important parts of the house, the kitchen is more than just a place for cooking. Who loves to spend their morning in the kitchen here? So, some persons love to spend some time in the morning to drink a cup of coffee in the kitchen. Or, roasting some bread as well as spend it in the kitchen. Some of us feel that eating in the kitchen is just enjoyable.
Maybe for some reasons they think that it makes them get closer with the food source. But, we have a more comfy idea to eat in the kitchen. That is the application of a kitchen island. If you haven’t known about the kitchen island, that the kind of countertop in the middle of the kitchen. It can be joined with another counterpart also.

For this one, you just need a small kitchen island. For the modern kitchen decor, this facility is so common. It is also familiar with the open concept kitchen. The kitchen island can have a double function. Not only for the kitchen island itself. But, under it, there is usually an additional kitchen cabinet. A kitchen island generally consists of two until four persons, with a slim chair for seating.
For a very small house, the kitchen island can be used as well as for dining. And besides for the modern kitchen, the kitchen island can be found in the older design like mid-century modern. The design of the mid-century modern kitchen with the modern one is similarly simple. Those two commonly recruit neutral colors.
The positives of having a kitchen island are as previously mentioned, there is an additional area for the storage. The second one, of course, its countertop is also an additional area for cooking. So, there is no negative of having it. As long as your kitchen is able to load them, you can have one.
And maybe you once or twice heard about the modern farmhouse decor. But, we will not talk about that in general. Today, we talk in specifics about the modern farmhouse kitchen. It has been for so long that a kitchen island exists, even for the farmhouse kitchen.
If you haven’t known about the modern farmhouse theme, this kind of style employs the farmhouse concept as the basic. The modern farmhouse, however, looks quite modern because of the furniture appearance, especially the cabinets. Like the modern farmhouse in general, the kitchen with this theme is also dominated with the white appearance or grey.
The wooden elements are still quite dominant. Yet, the wooden nuance is not really strong because the furniture is mainly painted in bright neutral colors like white or grey. In short, you can see the country or rustic nuance that doesn’t look shabby. So, it’s time for us to explore more designs like these. If you think that the kitchen island can make your kitchen better, it’s good to consider one. Don’t forget to adjust the size with your kitchen space.

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