32+ DIY Craft Ideas for Home Decoration

32+ DIY Craft Ideas for Home Decoration – Everyone wants their home to look aesthetic. Hence, just like treating any stuff, home maintenance also includes cleaning, fixing, and decorating. The last is the most exciting for anyone. In the decorating process, we are free to spill our ideas. More interestingly, we don’t always need the purchased decorations. If you want, you can make your own home decor with the DIY process.

So, we will share the creative and attractive inspirations of the DIY stuff. The first inspiration is the DIY boho craft. For the boho decor, you can make many things form the wall decor until the scented candle decor. for the wall decor, we can make the tassels. All you need to have for making this are the yarn, a wood stick or tree branch, and rope. If you want to make the tassel more colorful, you can soak them inside the color liquid before.

The next DIY boho craft is for the scented candle jar. For this one, we recommend you to stick the feathers on the glass. However, you can change the decoration with other materials like color paint, trinkets, or anything, as long as they can make the hippie look. Then, let’s move to DIY Halloween decor. For this theme, you need to purchase some small skull figures. From these figures, you can make many things.

One, you can make a small graveyard inside a jar. What you can do is to arrange the artificial grass or some dry pine fruits and branches inside the jar or any containers. Then, you can place the artificial skull inside it. The next idea is even easier. All you need to have are just some candles and red color paint. You just have to paint the candles with the red paint color. Make it as if blood melts from inside the candles.

With the DIY fall decor, you can make your house looks romantic. How does it so? The fall is identical with the romantic colors of the fallen leaves. The easiest decoration is the dry flower in a vase. This idea also fits for the rustic or farmhouse decor. You have to prepare a glass container or anything made from glass. Then, pick some flowers in various types. Dry them in several days. Then, you can arrange them inside the glass container.

The dry flower can also be a wall decor, just like the simple-life home. You can pick a bucket of flowers and dry them. It is better if you have the liquid to make the last longer. Then, give the rope or ribbon in the middle. This dry flower decor is usually used in the vintage home.

The last we recommend the DIY Dollar Store Christmas craft. We have an easy idea which is the candy jar. If you have an unused jam jar, put some candies inside of it. Then, cover the jar’s mouth with the red or green cloth and rope it, finish. From all these ideas, which one that you think is good for your home?

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