32+ Different Living Room Window Treatments

32+ Different Living Room Window Treatments – What do you think about the window? Is it merely ventilation? Or do you think it is part of ornament? Start from now, we hope that you will stop to think that the window is just ventilation. Why? Because there are so many interesting features you can place for your window. Since we just come for the New Year, why don’t you remodel your window?

It is such a waste if you leave the window as it is. You might surprise that there are so many attractive sides of the window that we can accentuate. Why don’t you make your window look special? Besides the architectural feature, there are many things you can do for the window. You can use it as the vertical garden. You can use it as the relaxing nook, and many more.

Okay, to make your window looks special, let’s start with the window covering. For this one, it is similar like choosing the right wallpaper or paint color for your home. So, of course, you need to adjust to your interior theme. But, there are some useful tips for blurring the negative aspect of your window.

If you have a small home, you should hang the drapery as high as possible. It is beneficial to create a high statement for your home. The material of the drapery is also important. If you want a more refreshing look, it is better to use the plain and light fabric. The modern minimalist interior is especially right for this. The small home also needs lighter textile for the window, so the interior will not look heavy and bulky.

The next question is, where will you plan to place the drapery? Instead of placing it only in the living room or bedroom, some places like the bathroom or kitchen will also look good with drapery. However, you may need different design and type of draperies for the living room and bathroom. The places like a bedroom or living room will suitable with denser pores of textile. However, this kind of fabric will not look good for bathroom or kitchen. Such rooms need lighter and sheer textile.

Besides of the drapery, you can make an attractive move by creating a vertical mini garden in the window. You can place some hanging plants in the window. It is beneficial to filter the mild dust. Not only that, it refreshes the air and the view inside your house. If you want your window corner looks more attractive, you can add a feature there.

There are so many bay window ideas that you can find from any sources. A window seat is a perfect place for daydreaming. If you don’t have a plan in your weekend, spending a nice afternoon on the window nook will be a good idea. Especially if outside of your house there is a refreshing look. A window nook is also a perfect place for enjoying your hot chocolate on a rainy day. It is also a perfect place for just cuddling with your cat.

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