32+ Different Countertops Types with Pros and Cons

32+ Different Countertops Types with Pros and Cons – The kitchen is one of the rooms in our house that is easier to get dirty. Just like the bathroom, it needs extra maintenance than the other rooms. Of course, we know that the kitchen gets dirty fast because of the organic stains. Moreover, the steams that produced by cooked foods make the kitchen’s air humid. That’s why unlike the other rooms, you may need periodical to remodel for the kitchen.
Maybe you don’t need to total remodel, but remember the areas like cabinets and countertops. The areas to keep the spices usually gets dirty easier. Moreover, the countertops we use casually creates cracks, small holes, etc. that so possible to store the germs. We cannot let these germs stay in our kitchen for too long. We should avoid contamination with foods.
So, we can remodel our kitchen with suit countertops. Actually, there are many options for countertops to choose from. Here, we will share some pros and cons of them. Choose wisely. Consider not only the designs but also the durability and the cost. Okay, let’s start the kitchen cabinets with granite.
When you see the granite designs, you might fall for them. There are black granite countertops, white, brown, and many more. All of them are so unique. Besides of look, it is also very durable and heat-water-stain- resistant. Not only that, you will find it so easy to clean. But, you have to remember that all these pros are equal to the expensive cost.
Then, in many home design pictures, you might often find white quartz countertops. Just like granite, it has various designs also. Quartz is also durable and non-corrosive. So, it is quite safe as the non-porous surface is antibacterial. Just like granite, quartz is also easy to clean. However, although it seems so perfect, it doesn’t mean that quartz has no cons. It is non-resistant to heat. And, if you choose this material, you should prepare a pretty big budget.
Next is the wood countertops. Maybe this material is the most flexible for all kitchen designs. Since it has been used for a hundred years, it goes really well with the rustic kitchen. Wooden countertops are durable and heat resistant. Yet, it is easy to crack and scratched. That’s why to keep it hygiene, you need extra maintenance for it. However, for the periodical maintenance, this one is also the most flexible. What about the cost? For the wooden countertops, you will not be shocked. It is quite pocket-friendly.

Besides the kitchen countertops, you can guard your kitchen wall with kitchen backsplash. The kitchen backsplash is not only a cover to guard the wall from stains. But, it is a beautiful accent for your kitchen. Sometimes people choose the patterned one that looks quite stunning. Of course, it is not recyclable, but it is a good choice to maintain your kitchen. What do you think? Is there any material that makes you interested here?

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