31+ Storage Solutions for Small Laundry Room

31+ Storage Solutions for Small Laundry Room – Laundry room may be a room that is often forgotten from the maintenance. People tend to underrate the laundry room because it is a kind of function room that doesn’t need extra beautifying. But, actually, since the laundry room is essential for the homeowners to need, we should concern about the arrangement.
In this post, we share some small laundry room ideas that are fit for small space living. We will help you to arrange the laundry room as neat and as beautiful as it can. Don’t worry about the budget because we also provide the DIY organization ideas for the home that is, of course, the organization ideas for small space home.
Firstly, how you will place the washing machines? If you are going to place the washing machines side by side, then above them should be benefited as the place for cabinets or shelves. Between the cabinets and the washing machines, you can place a counterpart there. It will be beneficial for keeping things like perfume or anything.
There is also an option of keeping the washing machines and another type of stuff. Some people even keep the washing machines as well as the supportive equipment inside a big cupboard. The advantage about this is, your small laundry room doesn’t look small. It is because all the stuff are neatly kept inside the cupboard. Of course, your room looks cleaner.
In terms of the DIY organization, we have an idea which looks natural and a bit rustic for your laundry room. For this theme, what you need are some woods and rattan basket. You absolutely can imagine how to make floating shelves. After making that, you just need to place some baskets on there. The organic material basket like rattan or pallet is better. Among them, you can give one or two small greeneries.
The empty wall is advantageous for the magnetic board. What we mean here is also a DIY thing. For the board, you don’t necessarily make one, but it is neater with the board. You can use the unused wood piece as the board and you just need to place some magnets on there. This magnetic storage is nice for the stuff that should be hung.
The vertical aspect should be benefited as much as it can. If you feel like you want to show the stuff, the vertical storage without cabinet might be a good idea. Of course, your laundry room will look a bit industrial. The way is just the same, you can place several shelves there and add the iron basket in an adequate amount. Give the hanging storage for the equipment that needs to be hung.

Some people also include the laundry space inside the bathroom. In this way, you need the bathroom organization ideas. Since there are double functions inside the bathroom, you have to make them as neat as possible. It is better to create the cabinets for the laundry stuff which are also able to keep them from the humidity inside the bathroom. Hope this idea helps you!

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