31+ Partition Ideas for the Living Room

31+ Partition Ideas for the Living Room – Partition is another option of dividing the rooms. The design of partition these days are so varied. You can choose the design according to the theme of the house. More than that, you can custom the design of the partition, too. You are not necessarily worried if it is going to make your house looks stuffy, because you can choose the transparent or see-through partition as the option.

For this living room, the partition is made with a transparent design. The partition is framed with iron and for the ornament, there are square woods. The square woods are arranged abstractly. This partition makes this home more artistic.

Instead of parting the living room with another room, the partition here makes a border with the way. Therefore, it is like there is a narrow corridor beside the living room. This partition has an interesting design because of the pattern itself.

For a small house. We need to minimalize the use of the partition. The partition of this living room itself is very narrow. Yet, the partition has a unique pattern and design. The under part of this partition are cabinets.

If you want to make the partition is a bit vague, hence just use the half wall. Then, build it as well as for the kitchen wall or anything. The result will be like shown by the picture.

It is interesting that a partition is not used exactly for parting the area. Just like the partition here. It is more like the ornament of this oriental style living room. The theme of this partition correlates with the concept. Seen from the back, the composition of ceramic, partition, and table is also beautiful.

For a small condo, an apartment for single, or any house for single, maybe you need a partition just to create a border between the rooms. This house for example, since everything is on the same floor, the wooden bar partition is nice for it.

The see-through partition is indeed looked more attractive. It doesn’t completely part two rooms, yet as a decoration, they are nicer than the wall. Like the one here. It has a simple decoration, yet since it’s see-through, the look is more attractive.

Having the idea of creating your home spa? Maybe you need a see-through partition as the beautifier. The partition here only decorates in the part where there is a bathtub.

In this side, the partition, plant, and the lamp together make a beautiful composition. They are the beautifier of this simple house. Since it is a transparent partition, the house doesn’t look narrow.

The shelf can be an option as room partition also. For a small house, we recommend the shelf that is see-through, because the blockage shelf is just like a wall, making the room looks narrow.

These days the see-through or transparent partition is more popular. It has a more trendy design and doesn’t make the room looks smaller.

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