31+ Charming Decorative Sphere Ideas for Your Backyard

31+ Charming Decorative Sphere Ideas for Your Backyard – Just like how we dress up from head to toe. We also want to beautify our home from front to back. But, the dilemma that often comes to anyone who has the backyard is, what should we do with that? Questioning that from time to time will just make you neglect the backyard naturally. Whereas, a good backyard will make you more satisfied with your home.

For anyone who gets the same problem like that, you come to the right place. In this post, we will not dictate you with what you should do. But, we have some recommendations for the decorative spheres that you can choose. So, can we start now? Okay, to start the backyard landscaping, firstly you have to determine what concept you will choose.

Here we have two unique themes. They are the desert garden and Mediterranean landscaping. Let’s discuss the desert one first. You already know that the desert has no grass. That’s what you should do for your garden. You can focus on the plant arrangement only. Instead of using grass, you can change it with sands and rocks.

The combination of some big rocks and long cactus will make unique desert bushes. But, don’t cover all the landscape with sands. In the area where you walk on it, you should place the stone pavement. So, your garden will not look like literally a jungle. We are sure that you already know that many cactus are in different size and shapes. Anywhere it is, creates a combination of different height and shape of cactus. Hence, your landscape will look even more dramatic.

Next, for the Mediterranean landscaping, you can add outdoor furniture sets. But, don’t forget to add a pergola and grow vine plants there. Just like the desert landscaping, the Mediterranean landscaping is also identical with the grass limit. That’s why you can cover the ground with gravel or pebbles. Even, to make colorful landscaping, you can build the patio with Mediterranean tiles.

Creating a Mediterranean landscape will not complete if you don’t touch the wall spheres. To make an awesome wall sphere, you can combine the vine plants and some types of flowers. Place some types of flowers in big pots or containers really close with walls. The vibrant colored flowers are even better for the Mediterranean landscape. Creating a borderless planting area in your garden is also a nice idea. The mixed flowers on the ground will create a very natural and beautiful landscape.

Whether it is desert or Mediterranean garden, they will be incomplete without a water feature. If you feel that creating a small pond drains budget for you, you can utilize the unused stuff. For example, you can place the old bathtub in your garden. Put some fishes there to create a livelier ambiance. Or, you can grow water plants there. The old bathtub garden looks so natural and creative at the same time. It seems like you create a hidden fairy palace in your garden.

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