30+ Renewed Wood Projects for 2019

30+ Renewed Wood Projects for 2019 – Being creative has no age limitation. Since we were kids, we have learned so many craft ideas. And when we get older, we are still able to do that. Meanwhile, the adults’ craft ideas require more complicated designs and harder or heavier materials. If there are some of you who use carpenter work as a hobby, it means you are a good craftsman.
You can make many things from the used goods. So, in some cases, you don’t have to purchase interior decor or furniture. Today, we will share some of the crafting ideas so the others will get the same benefits as the carpenter enthusiasts.
In this post, we will focus on the reclaiming unused woods. We are sure enough you meet wooden pallets many times. Sometimes, we also collect it without knowing what to do with that. If you feel so, you can make a headboard from that. Besides as a bed ornament, it can be used as the bedroom wall accent also. You can repaint it in the dark coat or even coat it unevenly. The uneven coating will make it suits for the farmhouse bedroom. Meanwhile, the dark coating will make it suits for the industrial or contemporary bedroom.
Another way of utilizing unused pallet is by renewing it into a coffee table. You can do some makeovers like coloring it and installing the wheels. It will be a very low-cost table and of course a unique one. Maybe, you can couple this wheeled pallet table with porch bench. Of course, it is easier to make the porch bench from the wooden pallets. Maybe you just need coloring them. For the last touch, of course, you have to place cushions on them. Then, the pallet coffee table and bench will be perfect for your front porch or patio.
You can place the pallet benches in another place, for example near the window. Thus, you will create a lazy corner in your house. A window nook with pallet bench is of course affordable. You can add some pillows to make your lazy time so enjoyable. Another DIY furniture made from the used wood is a bathtub table. If you love to enjoy the home spa on the weekend, this idea is a must try. It can accompany you for bathing and reading at the same time.

For your kitchen, used wood is a good material for a cup holder. So, you can save more space in the cabinet. A cup holder from the pallet will accentuate the farmhouse kitchen design. The last wood project with pallet is a wooden mirror. The wooden mirror is suitable not only for the farmhouse bathroom. It is suitable almost for many types of the bathroom like vintage, industrial, earthy, and many more. By adding a natural element in your bathroom, you can feel the refreshing natural vibe. Especially if you add some indoor plants in your bathroom, the combo of wooden element and greeneries will look so relaxing.

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