30+ Mountain Home Designs that Will Bring You Satisfaction

30+ Mountain Home Designs that Will Bring You Satisfaction – Maybe some people out there still think that a mountain house is like a hut in the jungle. Many people still think that log house is the one with hut design. So small, simple, and has a very conventional design. But, that’s so different from the fact that exists now. A log house today is designed with a contemporary house design.

The combination of materials from nature and modern architecture technology won’t make you feel left by age. In this post, we will specifically talk about the mountain house. Actually, the interior of mountain house, cabin house, or jungle house today is similar. But, we will discuss the exterior and interior features of a mountain house that makes them awesome. Like our title above, our main discussion here are the ideas that will bring you satisfaction. What are they?

To express the relation with nature, the natural element should be exposed starts from the exterior. For the exterior, build the house with exposed natural materials is essential. That’s why if you want to build a mountain house, you should make the natural materials seen. You don’t have to build the home with a single material seen. You can expose mixing materials for your house.

For the interior itself, to avoid the traditional ambiance, you should create modern angles. Instead of employing partitions, the open concept minimalist is better. Not only that, you should feature the glass walls to surround your house. And make sure the ceiling is high enough so the vibe of being minimalist gets stronger.

Inside your house, the natural elements still need to dominate. Employing furniture made of woods is recommendable. In order to provide a futuristic vibe, some furniture made from metal is okay. Granite or quartz also make your interior more colorful. But, don’t present them in an excessive way. Keep your focus on the exposed natural elements.

For the architectural accessories, some features here will be so satisfying. They are window nook and fireplace. Creating a window nook next to the oversized window is an aesthetic feature for your mountain home. It does not really matter where you place it. Living room or bedroom or both are good places for the window nook. And for the fireplace itself, if you want to present it in a natural way, exposed stone mantelpiece will be a nice idea. The extended stone feature until the ceiling will strengthen the organic vibe inside the living room.

For the interior accessories, we have some best recommendations. First, you can leave the window with no treatment. Many nature house is treated like this. But, if you feel like you need privation, you can do in contrast. Then, for the lighting, creating a mixture of high and low brightness will make a dynamic. The last, employ thick or heavy material rug for the interior. The cool mountain vibe will get stronger by that. For the specific details and furniture, we are sure you have good taste.

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