30+ Bedroom Man Cave Inspirations

30+ Bedroom Man Cave Inspirations –  Bedroom as well as man cave? Does it sound possible? Yes of course! Most of us, male or female prefer to spend the solitude inside the bedroom. The bedroom is more than a place for rest. It is also a place for seeking inspiration, recharging the mind, etc. So, creating your man cave inside your bedroom is possible, isn’t it?

Ok, it’s nice if you choose the basement as your bedroom location. You can build a perfect man cave there. It’s lucky you if you get a wide basement. But, even if you don’t, don’t worry, things will work out. What you need for your man cave are the entertainments. This entertainment area can be designed in the same or different style as your own bedroom.

Of course, it is important television, a set of sofa, and a pile of movies. For the design. It’s up to you. But we recommend just a simple one and a table in the middle. You can add the sound dampers around the room. Movies without drinks will not enough, isn’t it? Then, what about a simple mini bar near the theatre corner?

You can place the mini bar behind the sofa or beside the sofa. If you place it behind the sofa, there will be more persons able to drink and watch the movie, sounds good. Then, about the style of your man cave, it should consist of all your favorite stuff. That’s why it’s best to place the bedroom and man cave as a one.

Of course for the man cave decoration should include your hobbies stuff. For example, if you are sink into music, you can attach guitar or other musical instruments on the wall. Or you can hang some your artworks and photographs. If you idolize a certain soccer club, you can show some jerseys on the wall.

About the bedroom, since it is near your man cave, you can decorate it with the same nuance. If your man cave owns a rustic image, you can decorate the bedroom in the same style. Decorate your wall with wooden tiles or paint your wall with grey paint for the rustic image. But, if you want something different from your man cave, we recommend the bachelor bedroom. The design is simpler and includes only important things. And, still, the dark interior is the one that we recommend for you.

You can decorate your bedroom with your favorite character also. If your man cave has collections of superhero movies, the batman bedroom decoration, for example, will look nice. We need to keep our child soul alive, isn’t it? And we recommend you to give a shot about some DIY man cave ideas. You can utilize the old bottles for the lighting decoration or as the new soap bottles.

Decorating your personal place is about doing some creativities. You need to make something different that represents your personality. Therefore, the bedroom and the man cave are the places that tell who you are.

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