29+ Narrow Living Room Ideas

29+ Narrow Living Room Ideas – Do you need to deal with the narrow living room? If it is, don’t worry. We have several designs that might give you inspirations about decorating a small living room. As long as you can resolve its minus, the narrow living room should not necessarily be a problem. Hence, let’s check this post completely to get the ideas.

This living room consists of several surprising patterns and colors. The design of the living room itself is very interesting. The main area of the living room is decorated with a brick. On the other side, the area is more colorful with different styles of chairs.

This living room area maximizes the function of the table through the use of the box. The narrow area is resolved with the stripes pattern. The owner here doesn’t follow any rule in decorating. Hence, the appearance of the living room is really eclectic.

The decoration of this living room is very casual. It is attractive that the furniture comes with different styles. The composition of the colorful sofa, flowery chair, and the futuristic table is very attractive. More than that, the lamp here has a unique design.

The area that is near the fireplace has a more classic decoration. While on the other side, the decoration is more contemporary, which is also accentuated with the paintings. Interestingly, there is an antique cupboard between them.

Although this living room is very narrow, the decoration consists of attractive colors. While the colors don’t look too much for this living room. These colors make the living room appears artistic instead.

It is very interesting that although the living room is small, it can include many different types of furniture. Even, interestingly there is a nook near the window. And on both sides of the nook, there are small work desks.

The contoured wall like shown by the window here is an attractive feature for the room. This living room moreover, is dominated by a similar color tone. Hence, it looks a bit wider.

Maybe, this design can be a solution for a super small house. The living room and dining room share the same table. The owner just adds several chairs for the dining. The window and the bookshelf are nice ornaments for this living room. This corner is visually cute.

It is obvious that the length of this living room is accentuated. It is beneficial to give a plus for this narrow living room. For the arrangement itself, this living room has a nice earthy color composition.

This room is functioned as the living room and the playroom at the same time. The corner that is used for the kids’ book and toys makes this living room looks fun.

As long as we can benefit the plus aspect like its length, the narrow living room should not be a problem. You need to choose the furniture with a long feature for creating more volume. And, don’t be afraid to play with colors, so your living room will look stunning.

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