29+ Home Decor Inspired from New York Modern Cabin

29+ Home Decor Inspired from New York Modern Cabin – The home decor is the reflection of the taste of the owner. Some of us love the traditional or vintage house. Some of us love the home with many lining details. And some of us love more the geometrical and clean lines or called a modern interior. So, who love the modern interior here? If you love the modern interior, the New York modern cabin can be the best inspiration source.
No doubt that such a metropolitan place like this is the great source of updates. New York is a source of fashion dynamic. Not only the fashion of apparels but also architectural fashion. That’s why in this post we want to present great ideas from New York’s modern cabin. Thus, what are the great things we can get?
You can get many inspirations from the New York modern cabin. From the exterior, the combination of industrial and modern vibe is strongly felt. With a sharp and clean shape, this kind of living space looks really modern. The atmosphere of natural from the façade is blurred. Because the main material of the wood is painted in a dark color like the industrial home.
The natural vibe, however, is denser if you go inside. Many of the New York modern cabins are presented with the wooden interior. If you plan to build a cabin like them, don’t forget that the sense of nature is not eliminated from the inside. Instead, the natural vibe is felt from the inside strongly. The modern cabin mostly will not lose the beauty of nature from the glass wall. Yes, people love to build a modern cabin with many glass walls surround them.
What can we do about the master bedroom? Okay, what’s interesting about the modern cabin bedroom is its location. We said before that the modern cabin mostly cannot separate from the glass wall. Mostly, the rooms that are located near the glass wall are a bedroom and bathroom. Both of them bring different nuance thanks to the glass wall.
Imagine that you are presented with the warm of the morning sun when you wake up. Or, you can go bath with the aesthetic outside view. How amazing they will be. If the modern cabin is built with glass wall domination, then, every room can get the chance of facing the view. However, if the glass wall is presented only for certain areas, then some room may not get the virgin view.

Don’t forget that inside the master bedroom there should be a master closet. For the closet organization, we have two main ideas. The first is the ordinary walk-in closet. The second one is the platform closet. The second idea is the rarer one. The platform closet usually is designed for the small home. But, we are sure that creative design like this is not limited to certain homes. From these ideas, can you imagine what kind of modern cabin we get here?

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