29+ Condo Living Room Ideas

29+ Condo Living Room Ideas – Anywhere it is, the interior design of the house commonly follows the environmental condition. It is a nice idea of expressing authenticity. If a house in the middle of the city, commonly it is designed with the modern theme from the living room until the most behind the room. Hence, why don’t we look at the design of the living room according to the theme?

This condo is located in downtown. It is best to decorate it with modern nuance. This condo is very small. For the best, the area that near the window should be the living room. This condo is addressed for a couple, hence the furniture is aimed for two.

This condo also is located downtown. The living room is presented with a very amazing view of the town from up. Whether it is day or night, the view will be very amazing. The combination of white and blue here creates a cool and classy appearance.

For sure there is a distinctive aspect from this living room. The room arrangement is not straight according to the shape of the room. The couch especially is placed rather diagonally. This living room has a spacious look vertically because the ceiling is high.

This living room has the decorations that consist of simple lining furniture. The appearance is very modern because the colors are the ones that usually found in modern designs. The simplicity that this living room presents makes the room looks wider.

From the design of this living room, we understand that the decoration is purposed mainly for the relaxing activities. The composition is very suitable for spending time, television, fireplace, and a bookshelf. Its design is also very homely.

The interior of the building itself is very organic. The brick wall in white looks very lovable. A bit touch of the ancient feeling from furniture correlates with the hardwood flooring. This living room looks really sweet.

On the wall, there is a nice ornament of a mirror. It is a simple creative accent. The composition of this living room is very cozy, especially for the design of the couch.

This living room is a nice place for gulping the tea in the afternoon. Although the view is about a city, yet the scenery is not filled with the dense building.

This condo is also very small. The living room and dining room are near each other. The living room especially is very small. The huge mirror in the dining room is a perfect strategy for creating a wider illusion.

The chairs at the end of the living room are especially nice places for welcoming the guests. This living room is full of white. The transparent tables are eye-catching.

Living room commonly has extra design compared with other rooms, since it is the place for welcoming guest, family time, etc. We recommend you to decorate the living room with a welcoming and warming design for making anyone loves to stay.

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