28+ Wonderful Victorian Farmhouse Design Ideas

28+ Wonderful Victorian Farmhouse Design Ideas – We are sure that parts of us here love the vintage concept of living space. The vintage living space brings romantic nostalgia feeling to the owners. If you love the turrets or exterior that looks like in the fairy tale, the Victorian style homes may suit you. This architectural design itself is popular in a wide range of continents.
Victorian house is easy to find in the United Kingdom especially. But the Victorian architectural house is also well known in North America, and even Australia and New Zealand. The empire’s trend was brought by the architects that reached other continents out from the UK. This reign doesn’t only consist of a single main style point. Yet, there are several periods that can sign as the Victorian architectural style.
Shortly, there are Gothic Revival, Italianate, Second Empire, Stick-Eastlake, Folk Victorian, and Queen Anne house. We will not talk about them one by one because it might be too long. But, if you see some pictures of old Victorian homes, all of them have some things in common. So, we should take up the similar features they have. What are them?
From the exterior itself, there are two common features that you can find. The first is the number of stories. There are at least two or three stories of a Victorian home. Then, it is very obvious that a Victorian house has a tower or turrets. The design of the turret itself is very attractive. Many of turret is designed with round angles. That’s why when seeing a Victorian home, doesn’t it remind you to Disney’s fairy tale movies?
Other exterior features of a Victorian home that reminds you to Disney fairy tale movies are the steep roof and attractive color of the bright wooden wall. In a more modern house, the wooden wall is commonly presented in its original colors. However, you can feel a fairy tale vibe through the Victorian house because the wooden wall is painted in extraordinary colors like green, mustard, baby blue, or soft pink.
Not only that, every segment of the Victorian house exterior always has attractive details. So, you will not find the Victorian house with the simple lining of the frame. Instead, in every corner, there are always some details. Then, what about the interior? For the interior, we are sure enough that you can guess some.
For example for the high ceiling. In a Victorian house moreover, you will not find a room that is not interesting for you. You can feel like everything is presented artistic. Wherever you see a Victorian house, you will see the authentic drapery style. Other things that are significant for a Victorian interior are a big floral pattern of the wallpaper and tapestry.

Then, you can find that all the Victorian interior has a vintage and classic furniture type. For someone who loves artistic decor, the Victorian style can be an interior option. But, what you need to remember from this interior is the furniture details, you should be patient during cleaning.

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