26+ Refreshing Small Kitchen Styles

26+ Refreshing Small Kitchen Styles – Everyone wants a charming kitchen with a spacious space. But, the small kitchen should not bring us upset. If you already need to stick with a small kitchen in a small house, don’t worry, we have the solutions. We are going to reveal some refreshing kitchen ideas for small spaces in this post.
Before we touch the organizing aspect, let’s talk about the small kitchen design. This is about the small kitchen interior. Of course for the interior, we don’t need to push you into certain styles. But, the best recommendation from us is the simple style that filled with white.
Why should white? Ok, for the small kitchen decoration, we need something that supports the appearance of the small kitchen itself. Of course, you know that the negative of your kitchen is the space or area. Since we cannot do anything about it, what we can do is making the appearance looks wider. And the white or bright interior is the only help.
It doesn’t mean that you cannot give any ornament there. What we talk about here is in terms of cabinets and the wall painting. They should be full of white. Yet, for the flooring, there are many options. You can select the patterned tiles of hardwood flooring or marble flooring. It’s up to you.
But when we see the small kitchen, the ones that caught in the eyes are the wall and storage, so as much as you can, they need to have bright colors and simple. Many white nuanced kitchens aren’t literally filled with white color. They usually accompanied by certain elements like wood or other additional colors like blue, nudes, or anything.
Then, let’s talk about the organization or storage. The galley kitchen ideas that we encourage you here is the neat and clean storage. Which means we highly recommend the cabinets. It’s up to you whether you are going to utilize the wooden door cabinets or glass door cabinets or a mix of them.
For the small kitchen, you may have very limited are for the shelves, therefore we don’t recommend you to use one. Furthermore, in terms of the durability, the cabinets keep the stuff better than the shelves. Of course, we don’t force you not to use shelves at all. But, if you are going to have one, it’s best if it is used for things like spices. So, you still have to keep them inside the containers.
The cooking activity for sure will create stains here and there. To keep the wall near the countertops stays clean, we have a solution for you. It is the wall tile. The material that good for the kitchen is the one that is easy to clean like ceramics or marble. They have a sleek surface that easy to clean with a cloth.

These are several small kitchen layout ideas we recommend for you. In addition, don’t underestimate the lighting. The small kitchen tends to create dim lighting, so, it’s better to place more than one lighting along the ceiling.

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