26+ Best Rooftop Garden Inspirations to Adopt

26+ Best Rooftop Garden Inspirations to Adopt – We often see amazing rooftop gardens in luxury houses like a penthouse. When we see them, we can automatically imagine how if we own such as that.
Indeed, seeing roof gardens are so tempting. Imagine that you can read the newspaper and enjoy your breakfast there. Not only that, you will be accompanied by a clear sky and refreshing air.
These dreams will not be just dreams anymore. You can build a rooftop deck just like you see in magazines. So, even if you don’t have enough space for backyard space, you can enjoy the greens from the up. Moreover, you can see the wide scene from the up.
To create a rooftop garden, you have can make it totally open or covered or semi-covered. But, we recommend strongly to make the open concept as dominant. Making your outdoor space covered completely will get you lack of outdoor feeling.
Even if you use pergola, you can use it only in dining space. Furthermore, there is a wooden pergola that has a semi-transparent design. You can grow the climbing tree like ivy plant here. Or, you can even grow climbing fruit like grapes if the climate supports.
In terms of the plants, we don’t recommend you to use small plants totally. In contrast, we recommend big plants to create domination. So, even if the weather is so hot, you will feel cool there. Especially, you need to place the tall plants close with seats. Besides placing plants on the floor, you shall grow some on the vertical places also.
In this rooftop space, you can provide not only dining sets. You can add more chairs if there is still enough space. You can create variation by utilizing a dining set and lounge chairs. Besides of ordinary shape of dining set, you can create another concept like an outdoor living room set.
The water element is also a good idea for your roof garden. It is not only applicable to the backyard. You can create a small fountain that can make your rooftops deck more refreshing.
Just like any other outdoor space, we recommend the use of natural materials for the furniture set. The natural element will accentuate the outdoor feeling. So, you can invest in the wooden furniture set that is match with the roof deck.
If you prefer the couch type of seating, you shall give some cushions there. These cushions will make your rooftop garden looks more colorful.
Besides the furniture set and plants, you should not forget to install lightings. Consider the kind of lighting that is installed on the floor or in some corners near the floor. The placement like this will create a romantic nuance at night.

Above these all, you don’t have to use the deck as the flooring. You can also use another type of floorings like tiles or even a combination of both. With following these tips, you can get a perfect and meaningful rooftop garden like in the magazines.

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